Friends Are Foes 2

By: Natalie Sade

“You’re her hero, shit. She thinks yo’ ass hung the damn moon. She always come with the, ‘Tika this and Tika that’. Bitch do you have your own opinion?” Brittany said.

“Every time I grab my keys she’s like, where you going. If somebody grabs their keys, and they don’t say, ‘hey I’m going here. You wanna go?’ I am not about to ask to go.” Tika said.

“Hell nah,” Ashley agreed.

“Not even my nigga,” Brittany added.

“Right,” Tika agreed giving her a high-five.

My heart was broken. I never knew that was how Tika felt about me. Why would she sit with people I’m not cool with, and talk so badly about me? Our whole friendship had been a scam. I tippy-toed back to the door and made extra noise coming in.

“Sasha?” Tika called.

“Yea,” I said and made my way to the patio. “Hey everybody,” I greeted.

“Hey, Sasha.” Ashley and Brittany’s fake asses said.

“Come join us,” Ashley said with a smile.

“No, I’ve had enough to drink. I’m going to bed.” I said and headed back inside.

“Oh, you’ve been out. I thought you was in there sleep,” Brittany laughed.

“Nope,” I smiled and tried to keep it moving. I knew that bitch was being funny.

“I like your shirt,” she said.

“Thanks. I’ve been meaning to congratulate you. I see you’re losing weight,” I said.

“Yea, girl, I’m trying. I want to get to a size 12,” she said, with a goofy smile on her face. She was really feeling herself.

“You can do it. What you got 50 or 60 pounds left?” I asked innocently. She quickly wiped that stupid smile off of her face. Tika spit her wine out and laughed uncontrollably. I rolled my eyes and headed inside.

With my back to them tears ran freely down my face. I was so mad at Tika. Why would she let them play me like that? She just sat there, with that stupid smirk on her face, holding her wine glass. ‘I thought you was sleep’. She was basically saying I looked like shit. I would never let nobody play Tika. Even when we were younger, and Dawn treated her like shit; I always took up for her.

I had to make a decision: run out there and fuck up her face, or fuck with her heart. I was tired of being the victim. I was tired of being poor little Sasha. Tika should have known better than to fuck with me. Didn’t she know I knew her secret? I had the answer to the million dollar question, how does Tika get money?

One night, about two months ago, we were laid out in the living room, drinking wine and having one of our heart-felt talks. I was congratulating her on being on her shit. I told her even though she was younger than me, I looked up to her and her hustle. She said everything that glitters ain’t gold. “The shit I do for materialistic things would shame my mama.” She confessed.

She quickly changed the subject, and I didn’t dwell on it, because like Brittany said, she was my hero. She could do no wrong in my eyes. Plus, I heard a piece of a conversation between her and Raekwon. He was basically telling her if they were going to move forward, she had to leave that credit card shit alone. So I figured it was that.

But one day she left her phone on the counter. When it went off, I picked it up to take it to her. There was a text message with a hotel and a time. That’s when I put two and two together. Still I never judged her, I never even brought it up. Because she was my best friend. But now I got to see her true colors.

This whole time I had been a charity case. That’s why she never wanted me to go home. I guess I made her feel like she was doing something right in the midst of all her wrongs. But that shit was over. I had made my decision. I chose to fuck with her heart. I planned to tell Raekwon everything about her hustle.


I loved Sasha. I really did, but shit, we kept bumping heads. I wasn’t used to living with anybody, and sometimes I just wanted to be left alone. I would come home from work, and there she was, waiting for me. I guess because she was in the house for most of the day, she was happy to have human contact.

The other day, I came home and Lakeisha was here. I don’t fuck with a lot of Corsicana girls, because they are nosy as hell. Everybody wanted to know what Tika had going on. Um, none of your damn business. So when I saw her, my guard automatically went up.

Plus, a lot of people congratulate me to my face, but are jealous hoes behind my back. I had a lot going on, and I couldn’t have just anybody in my space. It was enough trying to keep up with Sasha and Raekwon: what they were doing, what room they were in, what they may have seen or heard. It was too damn much. Shit, I eventually had to set up a password for my damn phone.

Sasha tried to keep the house clean for me, and I appreciated it. But I had a small case of OCD. I liked things a certain way. She would say the house was clean, but there would be dust on the ceiling fan, crumbs in the corners, and things like that. If she caught me cleaning behind her she got offended. She would threaten to leave and while that may be best, she was my baby and I wanted to protect her.

Raekwon had pretty much been living here. A little before we got back together, he left the drug game alone. Now he worked at a warehouse in Waxahachie, a town between Dallas and Corsicana. He brought in good money, but of course, I was used to more. Plus, he had two kids, and I knew he made sure Trina was straight.

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