Friends Are Foes 2

By: Natalie Sade

“Nah,” I said. I started to feel sorry for myself as tears built in my eyes. Then it dawned on me, Rocky had just lost his baby-mama. He had to be a single father, and I was about to cry over someone, who was currently with someone else. Hell No!

“How have you been doing?” I asked him.

“Ya know,” he shrugged.

“I’m really sorry that shit happened to y’all, Rocky.”

“Yup,” he said sitting up and running his palms down his legs.

“I ain’t tryna fuck up the mood,” I said with a chuckle.

“Then just chill with a nigga, damn, Trin Bean.” He laughed. Trin Bean was a nickname my dad gave me as a child. I used to try to run from it, but it followed me. When the kids at school heard him say it, they started calling me Trin Bean to embarrass me. Over time it grew on me, and I finally accepted it.

“My bad, my bad.” I laughed.

“Aiite, now who in yo’ inbox. Damn ya status ain’t but,” he pulled out his phone and checked TheBook, “Forty-two minutes old. Them niggas couldn’t give you a hour to maybe change ya mind.”

“I guess not,” I blushed.

“Don’t let that shit get you down, Trin, you gon’ be alright.” He told me looking straight ahead.

“I know. I just don’t get it sometimes. She fraud, and I ain’t hating. Congratulation on all her success.” I said clapping my hands. “But she went and got shots to have the shape that I was born with. She is the carbon copy of me. Why he don’t want the original?” I said.

“He gotta see that shit, Trin. Like you said, if you say it you hatin’ that’s the way the game go. Just like you gotta see some shit for yourself. I can’t say it, ‘cause then I’d be hatin’,” he said and sat back.

Rocky was definitely fine. He had a caramel complexion with dimples. He had these big, round, brown eyes, which he passed down to Sunshine. I never looked at him like that, though. First off, he liked women with deep, brown skin. Secondly, I always pictured him as Andrea’s.

Even though she moved on to Greg. He never had another serious relationship. Plus, everyone knew he had sex with Andrea whenever he wanted. When he got out of prison, she went with his mama to get him. She stole $3000 from Greg to take the trip. She spent some on clothes for Rocky and gave him the rest to get on his feet.

I guess I always thought Rocky was off limits. But what if he wasn’t. You foul, I thought to myself. I shook off the thoughts of Rocky and I ever being together and focused on our kids playing.

Two Months Later


“Jada, open the fuckin’ door. What they fuck are you doing?” I shouted through the bathroom door.

“Using the bathroom,” she replied flippantly.

“Hurry the fuck up,” I shouted. I was trying to get them off to school. They had been tardy damn near every day since they moved back in with me. This shit was proving to be harder than Damon said it would be. I figured Jada would be more help, but all she did was lay around all damn day. I was so happy that school was about to be out for the summer.

I looked in the boys’ room, they were dressed and so was Mallory. Everyone just needed to brush their teeth.

“Jada,” I screamed a few minutes later.

“I’m out,” she huffed.

“Well, why the fuck didn’t you say that. You know they waiting. I will knock your head into that fuckin’ wall,” I raged. She stood there looking at me like I was pathetic. She wasn’t scared of me, and that shit irritated me. She was always so unbothered by my rants. When she smirked at me, I slapped fire from her ass. Her face flew to the side, but not one tear fell. She looked back up at me like ‘is that it’. I started to hit her ass again, but I knew that would end with me in jail.

I finally got the kids off to school, and luckily they were on time. So I was confused as to why I had a missed call from the school when I went on my lunch break.

“Hi, Ms. Lewis.” The school’s nurse said, finally answering the phone.

“Yes, I’ve been on hold for you for about 10 minutes. Can you tell me what’s going on? I have to get back to work.” I replied. This bitch was about to get cussed out. If they were calling, I would assume it was an emergency. And if that were the case, they should be moving a lot faster to inform me.

“I, uh, yes. Well, Jada fainted today at school. She has been complaining in gym class for about a week. I believe it’s due to her anemia. Has she been taking her medicine?”

“She has been complaining for a week, and I’m just now getting a call?” I said rolling my eyes.

“Well, I have been monitoring it. She was complaining about being tired; that can be for a number of reasons. But today when she fainted, I decided to give you a call. Have you noticed any changes in your daughter?” she asked. I caught every piece of sarcasm her comment was dripped in.

“I haven’t; but don’t you worry, I will take her to a real doctor to see what’s going on,” I spat. I was trying to be professional and not cuss her ass out.

“Oh, don’t you worry, we called her grandmother and she was able to get here right away. She’s going to the hospital as we speak. Did you have any further questions?” she asked. Instead of replying, I disconnected the call.

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