Friends Are Foes 2

By: Natalie Sade

“Look, ma’am, I don’t know—” I started.

“Well you should,” she said cutting me off.

“Let me ask you a question.” I said sitting up in my seat. “Why in the hell would y’all give a 13-year-old a pregnancy test?” That shit had really been bugging me. She looked appalled at my question. I thought it was valid.

“Y’all? I didn’t give her the test. But if I were to take an educated guess, I would assume it’s because she displayed symptoms of a pregnant woman. Now I have asked multiple times who the father is. At this point, I just need for you to tell me what men live in the household,” she said picking up her pen and pad.

“Why? My man has nothing to do with this. Jada, who did you have sex with?” I said turning my attention to her.

“Chase,” she answered.

“Chase who?” This innocent role she was playing was pissing me off. Hell, I bet she wasn’t talking low and looking at the floor when she was fucking.

“Chase, Karen’s son.” She answered.

“He is seventeen,” I shouted and jumped up. I was trying to be calm, but this shit was too much.

“Grandma, let’s remove the child from the room,” Mrs. Jensen, the social worker, told my mother.

“I’m sure you can understand my anger,” I said when they were gone.

“And I’m sure you can understand my concern for the child’s safety.” She replied.

“What would you do if you found out your 13-year-old daughter had been having sex with a grown man and was pregnant?”

“Look, Ms. Lewis, I sympathize with you. I really do, but I have to do my job as well. Jada needs to stay with her grandmother for now. If I deem her unfit as the case is investigated, I will have to put Jada in foster care,” she told me.


The case against Greg was almost over. The jurors were out deliberating and I was seated in the car with Rocky sharing a blunt. I had never been much of a smoker, but I needed something to clear my head. I ended up not having to testify, because of the video footage, but I still came to court daily.

“I’m just so mad, though, Rocky. That nigga took my sister from me. He took your children’s mother from them. Ain’t you mad?” I asked. I had never known Rocky to be so calm. After he found out about Andrea, he showed his ass. He ran up in Greg’s mother’s house with a shotgun looking for him. I’m not sure if she was scared to death or felt guilty. Either way, she never called the police.

I wished Rocky would have found him instead of the police. I know he would have suffered a far worse fate.

“I was,” he answered. “Then it dawned on me, Greg didn’t take Andrea. God did. Greg don’t decide who lives or dies. He could have done whatever, and if God wanted Andrea here, she would be here. Hell, T-Boy got shot 5 times and made it.

“Andrea died because God called her home. That’s it. That nigga don’t have that power. You gotta know that. You gotta stop giving him that much control. If you don’t take the power away from him, you’ll never be able to move forward.” He told me. I didn’t even have a response. That was the realest shit I’d ever heard.

Ten minutes later we were back in the courtroom. Greg was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole for stalking and murdering Andrea, and 15 years for raping me.

I felt sorry for Greg’s mother. She put her house up for his bail, and when he ran she lost it. She moved in with another family member, but that muthafucka was still sucking her dry. He had her spending her monthly check on a lawyer for him.

He was truly a worthless piece of shit. In the end, none of that matter. He was convicted and would now spend the rest of his life in prison.

I had been living with Tika for almost three months. I can say this, being best friends from a distance is a lot easier than living together. I didn’t work, so I tried to keep the house clean, run errands, and cook. But no matter what I did, there was always a problem. Anytime I mentioned moving back to Corsicana, she always begged me to stay. But the tension could get so thick at times. I really didn’t understand what she wanted from me.

Lakeisha finally finished nursing school, so she came to Dallas so that we could go out to eat. She was at the house with me as I got dressed. Tika walked in. I could tell by the way she peeked in my room, and curled up her red lips, that there was a problem. I looked at Lakeisha like ‘here we go again’ when she left. When I finished getting dressed, I joined her in the kitchen.

“Is everything okay, Tika?” I asked sitting at the island. “You seem upset.”

“Sasha, this is not a party house. So yea, I’m a little thrown off when I come in, and you have random people in my house.”

“Random?” I asked scrunching up my face. “Lakeisha is from Corsicana. I been cool with her.” I said. Tika threw me off with that one. People always said she was stuck up, but I never saw it. She was always cool and down to earth to me. But in the last month things had started to change.

“You’ve been cool with her, not me. Why would I want girls I don’t know around my man?” she asked. Tika had never been insecure. At least I didn’t think so. I never imagined that having Lakeisha over would be a problem.

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