From His Rib (The Underworld Book 3)

By: Nako

Book 3 of The Underworld


To Nako’s Reading Group on Facebook, I love each and every one of you beautiful women in different ways. The strength that I see, the growth that I am observing; there is no way we have only been in digital contact for a few months, no way!

The support is at an all-time high and y’all are the reason I WRITE.

On any given day, I can come into the group and instantly my spirits will be lifted.

A few of you, I have texted, spoken to over the phone and even got the chance to have lunch with while in Atlanta.

Books written by me brought us together, but the bond was created all on its own.

I pray that for every book you buy, every encouraging post, every like/comment, every motivational thing that’s written not only to me when I’m in my feelings, but to each other, I’m praying that each and every one of your cups run over.

To my official/unofficial admins, Lena, Maria, Enique, and I think Quita and Prettii Ladii made themselves admins too LOL! Thanks for keeping the group moving forward when I’m ducked off, trying to finish a book.

Powerhouse 2016, y’all rock.


As an author who prides herself on only producing their best work, which includes full-length books that master the art of storytelling, I ask in advance that you bear with the story. Reviews have shown that novels written by me take quite some time to “pick up and get good”. These stories have been created and hand-crafted to connect with you beyond the pages of your Kindle. As you turn the page, I want you to get something from each character and chapter. There are themes present that you should personally relate to while reading this story. The importance of friendship, betrayal, faith and dreams coming true are a few.

If you have not read, Please Catch My Soul (Book 1) and The Pointe of No Return (Book 2), check those out before reading From His Rib.

From His Rib is a standalone, so I hope that you enjoy.

Please leave a review once you are finished.

God Bless You

From my heart to yours,

From His Rib


Then the LORD God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man – Genesis 2:22


Miko waved at her co-workers as she walked down the hallway and out of the office. She was so happy that it was Friday. It seemed like it had taken the weekend forever to come around. Miko was looking forward to her two-day weekend. She had a date with her television and a pepperoni pizza.

She smiled at the security guard, “See you Monday morning,” she said cheerfully.

“Alright Miko, be safe na,” the guard told her.

Miko had been working at the White House for three years now and every day she considered her job a real blessing from God. Fresh out of college and looking for a job to keep the lights on over her and her mother’s head. She had even considered waitressing at the local strip club.

After slaving in school and with student debt up to her knees, Miko knew her hard work hadn’t been in vain. After five interviews and an extensive background check, she was hired at The White House, putting her Finance degree to work.

Miko went from working in the file room, to sitting in meetings with The Cabinet, to a direct position with the Vice President, to now being the head of the President ’s travel arrangements, along with a few other amazing people. She had access to anything travel related for the president and his family. She loved her job and thanked God every day for a successful career. The places and people that she encountered were considered a big deal for a girl who came from nothing.

Miko unlocked the doors to her Lexus, got in and made her way home. Downtown D.C. was always a mess before and after five p.m. However, she enjoyed her ride home every day. She would listen to the radio and scroll through her social media pages at every red light.

She ordered her dinner for the night, so when she made it home, her food would already be en route to her. Stopping to grab a cheap bottle of wine, she was now headed towards her condominium and didn’t plan to leave until it was time to go to work Monday.

Once she made it to the parking garage and took the elevator up to the floor she lived on, she began humming and getting giddy. Thinking about sliding her stockings off, unclasping the very uncomfortable bra she wore today and putting on one of her Howard University t-shirts and a pair of fuzzy socks.

Miko walked into her home and tossed her keys on a small table in the foyer, not even bothering to turn any of the lights on to guide her towards her bedroom because she knew her way around her own crib.

“Why don’t you have an alarm?” a voice startled her.

Miko screamed and dropped her cell phone and workbag on the floor. Backing up towards the wall, not really knowing what else to do besides pray that whoever the hell was in her house, didn’t try to kill her.

“YOU CAN HAVE WHATEVER YOU WANT!” she told the intruder.

The man laughed, “You don’t have anything I want, trust me. Come sit, Miko, I’m not here to hurt you.”

Miko wondered if this was a dream and she was still at work, dozing off. She closed her eyes and clicked her heels, but when she heard the man coming closer, she knew that this was not a dream.

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