Ice Dragon's Omega:Frozen Heart

By: Canis Blackfang

I could smell the musk of his cock with my dragon senses, and it was overpowering me. I never knew a human could entice a dragon this much in this way, but he certainly was enticing me. I licked my lips, impatient for a taste of Levy’s package. It’d been forever since I’d had a dick in my mouth, and I couldn’t wait any longer to take his.

I ripped the covers from the bed and pushed Levy onto his back, his cock standing up tall and strong. He looked at me, inviting me with his eyes to do what I wanted to do to him. He slightly spread his legs and moved back on the bed, making room for me to come and join him, and I did. I leapt onto him, head drawing down to his member, and I took his length in the palm of my hand like I was holding a precious gift. I felt him pulsing there, throbbing in my clutch, and when I slowly tightened my fist around him and stroked him once I watched with satisfaction as a bead of pre-come formed on the tip.

“That’s for you,” he murmured, grinning down at me with an energetic smile only a man his age could give.

“My first human treat,” I told him, and then I blew across the tip of his cock, letting the temperature of my breath drop to icy levels. He gasped and shivered as I teased him with my breath. Feeling him move his hips under my grasp, I really had forgotten how fun this was.

Every time I blew across his exposed cock head, Levy squirmed and grabbed my arm, his gaze flicking back and forth from his cock to my eyes. “Ah, that feels amazing!”

I had played with him enough. He was pleading with me to stop teasing him, but my own hunger was already too much for me to put it off any longer. I let my tongue drag along his cock head, coating it with my saliva and making it nice and wet, then I opened my mouth and swapped cool breath for the warmth of my throat. I swallowed him down and savored his fullness in my mouth, and his intoxicating flavor.

Levy groaned loudly and then ran his fingers through my hair, tugging at me when I hit his sweet spot with my tongue. He murmured my name as I deep throated him, swallowing his cock like it was my last meal. When I finally pulled off of him, his dick was dripping with my thick saliva. Without saying a word, he turned around and presented himself to me just like a dragon omega in heat would, spreading his legs and arching his back so his tight little asshole was open and ready. My cock throbbed. Just that view of him there had the power to send me over the edge, he was so damn hot. I came up behind him, swung my cock into position behind his opening. He looked back over his shoulder, inviting me in...

“I want you to fuck me hard with that dragon cock of yours, and when you’re done I want you to thrust as far into me as possible and come deep inside me. I want your dragon seed to fill me up so much that it overflows out of me, Karr. So fuck me already.”

There wasn’t anything else that needed to be said. I grabbed his waist and thrust forward, and let out a bellow growl of pleasure as I felt his warmth surround my cock. Fuck he was tight. Levy’s moans filled the cabin as I pounded him hard, mixed with the heavy slapping of my skin on his ass. It felt like he was pulling me deeper into him, his human hole grasping tightly onto my cock.

“You’re my omega,” I grunted to him.

He moaned in return. “Make me your fucking omega…”

The way he moved his ass on my cock, the way he moaned my name as he took me down deep inside of him, all the way to hilt, was driving me crazy. Levy had re-awakened more than just my dragon lust. He had completely reinvigorated me. As I come I thrust my cock deep into him, and I feel it knot up as I release my load into him. He let out a gasp of pleasure, and I felt him tighten around me as he came too, his cock flexing and spurting hot come across my bedsheets. I slowly withdrew from him, and immediately my seed flowed out from his asshole, down over his ballsack and his thigh. He collapsed sideways onto the bed, and I stood over him, panting.

I grabbed a towel from a drawer and handed it to him to clean up with. Afterwards, he slowly sat up on the edge of the bed, and I went to find him a fresh set of clothes.

“That was amazing,” he said as he slipped on my old long sleeved shirt. He looked at the cuff that hung loose down to his fingertips. Levy was a well-built guy, but was still smaller than me, and my shirt was a little long on him – but I didn’t mind. It was cute to see him in my oversized clothing. I handed him a pair of pajama pants, and he set them on the bed without putting them on. When he got up, my shirt hung down, barely above his cock. “Can I have some water? I’m really thirsty.”

“You have been out of it,” I reminded him, going to the kitchen to get him a glass of water. “Aren’t you cold?” I couldn’t help but eye the sight he was giving me.

“Nah. I kind of like teasing you, anyway.”

I snorted and threw another log on the fire. “You naughty human.” I handed him the glass of water, and then drew my hand around his shoulder. I hesitated slightly as I pulled him close. I was still uncertain of our status, even after all that had just happened, plus it had been such a long time since I’d been with anyone. I still felt rusty.

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