Ice Dragon's Omega:Frozen Heart

By: Canis Blackfang

“I’ve heard they sleep under the dirt like dead men, until they sniff out new prey. I’ve also heard that they aren’t even real at all, but just demon elementals of the desert who materialize when a weak unsuspecting pack crosses through their domain.”

“That’s silly,” I said. “They’re just therians like you or I.”

“They’re monsters, Zan,” Gyza said, with a rising anger in his voice. “They wouldn’t hesitate to kill you, or worse.”

“They couldn’t kill me,” I boasted. I had trained under the strongest alphas since I was just a pup, for the purpose of being able to defend myself against bandits if it ever came to that. I was a damn good hunter, probably even better than Gyza, although I never would tell him I thought that.

“Enough,” Gyza said. “There are more important things to think about right now, Zan.” His voice lowered. “I didn’t want to mention it, but I feel like you should know. We weren’t able to track any game again today. The elders are thinking that all the herds have moved on from this area.”

“We’ve been hunting here for generations. There have been periods like this in the past, haven’t there?”

“Not like this. Zan, if this keeps up, our entire village may have to migrate to somewhere new.

Gyza left to go on his night patrol around the house, and I curled up in front of the fire. I let my mind wander from the possibilities of having to leave this place and find a new area to plant our roots, and what it meant for our people. I drifted back to my thoughts of Ripfang and his pack. What kind of alpha was he?

I closed my eyes and an image began to form in my mind. I saw a tall and muscular form appear out of the haze, with wild dark hair and piercing red eyes. A wild, fearless alpha. A powerful, dangerous man. I fantasized about what life was like for this man, and what it would be like to follow him.

That’s a true alpha. No rules, no boundaries. He can take any mate he would want, because of his strength and ability. He could take me, if he wanted…

My cock was suddenly growing firm against the fabric of my sleeping robe. What would it be like to be taken as a mate by an alpha like that? I felt a warmth stirring deep inside of me, an aching desire for strength and power to be channeled into me. I was rock hard now, aching to be pleasured.

I imagined myself out in the desert under the infinite night sky, running wild with Ripfang and the Red Moons. I imagined being taken by him and filled with his strong seed. That’s a true alpha.

I quickly undid the slip of fabric that held my robe closed and pulled it open, allowing my cock to push out free. It stood up hard and tall, and the flicker of the fire gleamed off of it. I slowly wrapped my warm fingers around it, groaning softly as I began to stroke myself. I pictured being entered by a strong alpha cock, filled up and penetrated deep. I bucked my hips slowly up and down and twisted my fist up and down my hard length.

It felt so good… I wanted it badly. I wanted to run off from this place and find that dangerous alpha and see if he really was as strong and deadly and powerful as the rumors said. I slid my other hand down and teased my balls, then curled my fingers around and began to massage my taint, and then slipped one finger up into my tight asshole. I stifled a groan, not wanting anyone, especially Gyza who was patrolling right outside, to hear me. I curled it up further and fingered my prostate as I pumped my cock harder and faster.

I’m going to come! Fuck, I’m going to come! I imagined the alpha cock inside of me spurting its seed deep into me and leaving me with child, a strong child that only he could give me. And then I came, hard. I tensed and grunted deep as my cock twitched and shot out a thick line of come. My body was numb and my cock continued to pulse as the orgasm finished rolling over me, and I realized how deeply in heat I was.

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