Ice Dragon's Omega:Frozen Heart

By: Canis Blackfang

I raised my hands. “What? What did I say?”

“We’ve known each other for a hell of a long time, Karr. You don’t need to say much for me to know that something is up. You’ve been different recently.”

I wasn’t going to argue with her, because I knew I couldn’t win. “Okay,” I said with a shrug. “Maybe I have. So what?”

She smiled. “I know you, Karr. I still remember the day you walked into this joint, all young and eager. You had a look in your eyes like you were searching for something, and the longer you stayed on Peutong, the less you had that look.”

“That was at the end of my big life changing journey,” I said, waving my hand grandly. “I fell in love with this place. I’d found the thing I had set out to find.”

“Or so you thought,” she said, wagging her finger. “Because now I see that same look, Karr. You’re growing restless. There’s something you want that this place isn’t giving you anymore.”

I frowned. “I don’t know about that. I’m just tired of the same types always coming through. You’d think we’d get a dragon who actually wants some real adventure.”

Trystal leaned back in her seat and eyed me as she sipped her tea.

“I know what it is,” she said finally.

I sighed. “Okay, Trystal. Enlighten me.”

Her lips curled behind her mug. “A mate.”

I laughed. “You sure you’re not projecting your own fantasies on me, you depraved old lizard?”

“Hell no. Unlike you, I’ve gotten some in the past seventy years.”

Ouch. That caught me off guard. I opened my mouth to retort but couldn’t think of anything to say back, and found myself opening and closing my mouth like a fish. I gave up and frowned.

Trystal laughed and smacked her leg. “I can read it right on your face.”

“It was a choice, Trystal,” I said. “I went into my travels knowing, no, wanting to avoid the typicals that dragons seemed to always go for at that age. I didn’t want to become like…” I thumbed towards the door of the newlymates. “Like that.”

What was the point of it, was my thinking then. I had no interest in wealth, and growing up as an ice dragon I was always looked at as an oddity. Most of my kind lived up in the far north, and not many fire breathers ever met an ice dragon before. I had always been by myself through school – the fire breathers thought I was abnormal and the humans were weary of dragons, period. Not that it bothered me. We icers were typically the reclusive types anyway.

“Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it. Your whole life, you’ve never wanted someone?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “I’ve had everything I wanted here, exploring the mountain.”

“You’re not lonely.”

“Lonely? Nah. After all, we’ve got each other.” I joked it off, but Trystal’s words had me thinking. She was right, recently things had been feeling odd to me and I couldn’t place my finger on why. I had assumed that it was just something that was passing.

A mate, huh? The notion that I was in heat for a mate wasn’t out of the question…

Trystal shook her head. “I may not have ever taken a life mate, but I sure as hell didn't ever try to fight the lust. I mean, that’s just part of being a dragon. I don’t think I’ll ever understand how you could do it. You really can’t tell me you’ve got no interest in getting laid.”

“Honestly, Trystal, it’s something I haven’t thought much about.”

“Never? What kind of guys do you like?”

I rubbed my stubble. “Christ, Trystal. I don’t know.”

Concentration on other things I deemed more important had occupied my time for all these past years. I racked my mind, trying to think back to the days before I had come here, to when I had dated around. Athletic, able to hold their own even as an omega. Hard abs, a tight ass. I don’t know. I was an ice dragon. Never really was dating material.

“You are a strange one, Karr.” Something caught her attention, and she looked past my shoulder towards the front door of the lodge, frowning. “Huh. I think someone's outside.”

“I thought there weren’t any reservations for today?”

“There weren’t,” she said as she stood up. The front door swung open, and I turned to see who the unannounced new stranger was. It was a young man, probably the same age as the couple who I had taken out today. He wore a faded down jacket with the hood up, worn hiking pants and a large backpacking pack. A pair of active wear sunglasses covered his eyes. From the way his hot breath formed thick vapor in the cool air, I had to assume he was a dragon, a fire breather.

“Welcome, how can I help you?” Trystal asked.

The man took down the hood of his coat and a wave of brown hair fell across his forehead. He removed his glasses and put them in his pocket, and smiled at Trystal. “Please tell me you guys have some vacancies?”

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