Ice Dragon's Omega:Frozen Heart

By: Canis Blackfang

I eyed the newcomer as Trystal checked him in. He was fit and well built, with confident stance, and I could sense something else – he was an omega. It’d been a while since any omegas had come through here.


Was it because of Trystal’s questioning that I found myself checking this omega out? Or was it something else?

He was just another fire breather passing through. Nothing to think much of. I turned away and took up my tea, which had gotten cold already. I gulped it down, and then stood to go out to my cabin which was just a little ways away from the lodge.

“Thanks for the tea and conversation,” I said to Trystal, who was getting the new guy his keys.

“Hold on a second, Karr,” she called. “C’mere for a second. Meet Levy Greenberg. He’s going to be staying for a few days.”

Chapter 2


He’s the mountaineering guide?

The man was tall, with pale, stern eyes that held a deep power that told me he was an alpha dragon. He looked like he was near his forties in human age, which meant he probably was near two hundred in dragon age. The lodge owner called him over to meet me, and when he turned to look at me I could feel him sizing me up. I pulled off my glove and stuck out my hand.

“Hey,” I said, smiling. “I’m Levy. I heard you know this mountain better than anyone?”

The man’s stern expression didn’t waver. He looked at my hand, then back to my face. “Karr Poundstone,” he said. He reached and took my hand, and the moment his fingers made contact with mine I felt a jolt of energy surge through my body. Things seemed to fade around me, like he was drawing me in to him. His eyes gazed deeply into my own, the warmth of his strong hand squeezing my palm. I had never felt anything like it before. “You heard right.”

When he released his grip on my hand the sensation faded, and all I was left with was an afterglow of the energy I had felt. What the hell was that? All I wanted was to feel it again.

“Uh, well great, ‘cause I’m looking to climb here,” I said, trying to stay present.

“Where do you come from?” he asked plainly. “Do you have climbing experience?”

“Well, no, not really. I’ve been backpacking the past couple months, this is the first mountain I’ve attempted.”

“You’re backpacking?”

“That’s right.”

“Where’d you come from?”

“West. Los Angeles.”

He nodded. “I figured as much. So what’d you expect to find, coming all the way out here. It’s not exactly a place fire breathers like to come.”

“Karr!” Trystal hissed, jabbing the man in the arm. “I’m sorry about him,” she said to me.

I laughed. “Hey, I understand. You all must not get too many serious minded folk coming through here. Mostly stuck up types, I’m guessing? Trust me, I’ve encountered plenty on the road. Well know that I’m serious about what I’m here to do, and that’s experience a challenge.”

Karr was about a head taller than me, but his intensity made it seem like he was towering over me. From his remark my suspicions were confirmed – he was an ice dragon. I had never met an ice dragon before, there weren’t many from where I came from but from what I knew about their relationship with the fire breathers I could understand his suspicion. Ice dragons were reclusive and had a fittingly chilly disposition, and so because of that they were often discriminated against by fire breathers.

His expression still stern, Karr looked into my eyes and considered what I just said. His expression softened some. “Well, alright. It’s too late to go out today, so we’ll hike tomorrow. Meet here in the living room tomorrow morning.” He turned and before I could say anything, walked out the door.

As the door shut behind him, I realized how hard my pulse had been racing that entire encounter. I’d known plenty of alpha dragons, especially after my studies in university, but none had had that effect of me. I took a deep breath to try and clear my mind, and picked up my bag. There was something else Karr had done that had never happened to me before in all my interactions with dragon shifters, and that was mistake me for one of them.

I went into my room and shut the door, then dropped my bag onto the ground and pulled off my coat and tossed it onto the bed. After that, I turned on the heater and pulled open the curtains so I could enjoy my view of the snow covered landscape outside the window. I was surprised to see a small cabin not too far off, the distance between there and the lodge blanketed in a solid cover of white. There were footprints going out and I could see Karr walking through the snow towards the cabin that I guessed must be his place.

What was it about me that made him think I was a dragon shifter? In human form, shifters were visually no different than regular humans, but typically they could tell the difference just by looking. I had to admit though, I was a little flattered.

The room was nice, spacious with hard wood floors and big comfortable looking bed which was super welcoming after the grueling hike I had made to get to the lodge. I’d been walking since five that morning, from the tiny motel I stayed in at the town at the foot of the mountain, all the way up a long mountain road. A few people had stopped to see if I wanted a ride, but my whole deal was to do this thing entirely on foot, so I had refused. Once I got up to the higher elevations where the snow was, I started to wish I had just gone with them.

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