Ice Dragon's Omega:Frozen Heart

By: Canis Blackfang

I opened the door to the bathroom and peeked inside – there was a large square bathtub in the corner that looked more like a jacuzzi. I had read about the hot springs that this mountain had, and apparently this lodge piped up the water from deep in the earth into its baths. I definitely would be enjoying this thing, that was for sure.

There was a knock on my door, and I opened it to find Trystal standing there holding a tray with a mug of tea on it. “Care for tea?” she asked pleasantly. “On the house.”

“Awesome,” I said, taking the mug. “I appreciate it. I won’t lie, that hike to get here was cold as hell.” I held warm tea in my hands and savored the feeling of it restoring life to my chilled fingertips.

“Sorry about Karr again,” she said.

“He didn’t realize I was human,” I pondered aloud to her.

“No… He didn’t, did he? He’s been a little funny recently. Getting fed up with the types of folk who usually come through the lodge asking for a guide I guess.” She lowered her voice to a whisper. “I’m pretty sure he just needs to get some.”

I laughed and felt a little thrill of excitement. “Is that right. He’s not mated?” An alpha his age I would’ve expected to have found a mate already.

“Nope. Never has been, probably never will be. Though I know that’s what he needs. The guy is too is too stubborn to admit it or even realize it.”

“Hm.” He’s single.

“Anyway, you don’t want to hear about those things. Enjoy the tea. If you get hungry, come over to the dining room and I’ll fix you some food. It’s only you and another couple here at the moment, so I’m not busy. I’ll just be around the reception, okay?”

“Sure. Thanks, Trystal.”

I closed the door, took a sip of my tea and then placed it down on the bedside table. As strange as it was… I did want to hear more about those things. And that definitely wasn’t usual for me. I’d never been attracted to a shifter before, but there was something about that man that was drawing me to him, and I found myself staring blankly out the window at his cabin. A curl of grey smoke puffed up from his chimney, and my mind wandered to images of his icy, intense eyes gazing deeply into mine.

“Jesus,” I muttered. I shook my head and closed the curtains. This is what happens when you’re on the road by yourself for so long, you start thinking about all sorts of weird things you never normally would.

I stripped off my clothes, went to the bathroom and started the tub. Piping hot water flowed from the faucet and filled up the bath, and soon the whole room was filled with thick steam. I slowly lowered myself into the water, letting out a sigh of content as all cold left my body.

This is nice.

With my eyes closed I let my body completely relax in the water, and let the warmth sooth my muscles sore from the miles.


His gaze came into my mind again, that intense look that had stirred up something in me. My mind was wandering to strange places. “Holy shit, Levy. Get a grip on yourself, man,” I murmured, but it was too late. My cock was getting hard in the hot water, and my mind was growing foggy with fantasy.

The guy was hot though, there was no denying it. I’d worked closely with dragon shifters for years in university, way more than most humans ever usually would, but I’d never been into any of them. Not that humans never were attracted to shifters, it happened all the time, I just never was… So why now? Why this cosmic shift?

Was it really because I’d been backpacking by myself for so long, that I’d become this horny?


This was something else, for sure.

As my cock swelled to firmness, I began to fantasize about what Karr’s mature and developed body looked like beneath the clothes. I always had a thing for older men… I thought of his stern face, that strong jaw, that mess of dark hair streaked with a line of white, and my fingers wandered to the swell of my dick.

Fuck it, I thought. Why not just do it? Get it over with.

So, with the touch of the hot spring bath water enveloping me, I started to touch myself.

Mm…that feels fucking good...

I squeezed my fingers around my cock and tried to imagine that it was Karr who was doing the pleasuring, that it was his strong grip around my dick that was getting me off. I let out a little groan of satisfaction, the water sloshing softly as I moved my hand.

That’s good…ah… I tried to imagine what Karr’s dragon member would look like, and I thought of the stories my friends who did have shifter mates told me about the things that their cocks could do when they were buried deep inside you… At the time it had done nothing for me, but now I was so curious. What would it feel like to be fucked by a dragon?

“A-ah, shit…” I was gonna come already.

My body tensed as the orgasm hit me, and I stroked myself harder to finish it off. I shuddered and tried to hold in my groan as milky come spurted from my cock into the bath water. That was intense. The haze of the orgasm and my fantasy slowly retreated from my head.

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