Ice Dragon's Omega:Frozen Heart

By: Canis Blackfang

I got out from the bath and let the water out, my cock still hard and dripping with water, and I began to towel myself off. The bathroom mirror was fogged up, so I used a hand towel to a circle of it clean, and then stood and stared at my reflection. I had worked up a bit of a grizzle from the past couple days of backpacking. No reason to shave while on the road. Next to the sink was a little complimentary safety razor and a packet of shaving gel, so I picked it up and lathered my face and set to work.

When I set out on my journey after graduation I told myself I would just keep going until I found “some purpose”. I had no idea what that meant, but it sounded right to me at the time. I’d been on the road for a few months now, four to be exact, and I still had no idea what that meant, but I still felt an urging to go on, that this was what I needed to be doing right now in my life. Many of my friends from college had jobs – nothing related to our degree of course; it was damn hard to find anything in our field and most were impossible for humans to get – and pretty much all of them were just rolling with it because that was their only option. I realized that I needed time to figure things out for myself and not get swept away by it all before I had a moment to even think about what I wanted from life.

And so my walking had taken me here.

I washed the shaving gel off my face, dried my hair with the blow drier and got dressed. I peeked out the window and saw that the sun was starting to set, casting the landscape outside in a deep blue shadow, and the windows of Karr’s cabin glowed warmly as the chimney now puffed out a dark smoke. I was hungry, so I went out of my room and walked over to the dining room. There was a young couple sitting together at a corner table, both picking at their plates. “This isn’t very gourmet,” I heard the man say.

I sat down at a table, and a minute later Trystal came out from the kitchen holding a tray with two glasses of wine on it. “Be right with you,” she said as she passed me with a wink, and she went over to the couple and set the wine glasses on the table.

“This steak is medium, not well done,” the man said to her. “I need my food charred.”

“Oh, I’m really sorry about that, sir.” Trystal said. “I’ll take care of it.”

“Forget it,” he muttered. “I’ll do it myself.” The man blew an orange flame from his mouth across his steak, burning it practically to a crisp. Trystal shrugged and came over to my table and set a menu down.

“Wow,” I said to her, “what a douche. Now I see what Karr was talking about.”

Trystal smiled. “Did you want anything to drink, honey?”

“Just water is fine.” I opened up the menu and had a quick glance. “Burger sounds nice.”

“You’ll love it. How’d you want it cooked?”

“Medium,” I said, smiling. I handed the menu back to her. “Karr doesn’t come to eat here?”

She gave me an inquisitive look. “I just, uh, thought he would,” I said, suddenly realizing that it was pretty odd for me to be asking about him, some guy that I had just met for a few minutes. “Um. I was just curious.” Damn, that’s embarrassing.

Trystal laughed. “You’re interested in him, huh?”

I shrugged, trying to play it off. “He seems like an interesting guy.”

“He’s an interesting one, alright,” she nodded. “Can come off as intense when you first meet him, more than most alphas but maybe that’s just how ice dragons are. But he’s a good man.”

“Is he from around here?”

“Oh, no. He’s originally from some city out east. Not sure. We’ve known each other for years, but I never bothered finding out exactly. No, Karr came here when he was younger, maybe a little older than you are now, in dragon years. I had just started this place up, and he came wandering through. He was a man on a mission then, but I don't know if even he knew what he was trying to find. Anyway, he took a liking to the place I guess, because he never left. Set up a cabin, and I started referring lodgers to him for mountain tours. Anyway, I’ll get that burger for you.”

I smiled and nodded, my mind again lingering on thoughts of Karr. I had to admit, though this was all pretty strange for me, I was enjoying it. It’s part of the journey, I thought.

When Trystal came back with my burger, she rapped the edge of the table with her knuckle as she walked away. “Have fun with him tomorrow,” she said with a wink.

I raised an eyebrow. What did that mean?

Chapter 3


The whole thing had me mixed up. I couldn’t get my mind off of that damn omega.


Trystal’s comment from the day before about dealing with dragon lust came back to me, and I realized that I had just never met anyone worth lusting after. Until now.

And now I had to go take him out on the mountain.

I pulled on my hiking clothes – just a pair of snow pants, a light marino wool shirt and a thin jacket over that; the cold barely affected me so I didn’t need much – grabbed my bag, and headed out the door. Just get the day over with. He’ll be outta here, and then you’ll be back to normal.

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