Ice Dragon's Omega:Frozen Heart

By: Canis Blackfang

We walked for a few hours, stopped for a short break to eat our lunch, and then kept going. We were nearing the first observation point, and we could already see a spectacular view of mountain valley stretching below us.

“You really like working my ass, don’t you?” he said, his breath short.

I grinned. “You wanted a challenge,” I said, looking over my shoulder at him. His face was dotted with sweat, and I found myself imagining what it’d look like with my come all over it.

Fuck. My dragon lust was out of control right now. I took a deep breath and tried to clear my head.

“I’m not complaining,” he answered, grinning back at me. “I like it.”

“Good. Because I’m gonna push you hard.” In more ways than one, if I get my way.

“So do you always come out here wearing such little clothing?” Levy asked. “I guess you wouldn’t feel the cold, being an ice dragon, huh?”

“You could tell?” I was legitimately surprised. It wasn’t something most humans would be able to tell, seeing as how most humans never did much interacting with dragon shifters.

“I’m not really a stranger to being around dragons.”

“Most humans avoid us. You’re not one of those dragon groupies are you?” I was trying to tease him.

“Ha ha. No, I studied Human-Dragon Archaeology in university. I worked with a lot of dragon shifters. Hell, I probably know more about dragons than you do.”

“Is that so? Okay, tell me something about myself.”

“Well. You’re an ice dragon. You’re also an alpha ice dragon. And you’re also in heat.”

I nearly fell over. “What did you say?” I stopped hiking and turned around to face him. He was looking at me plainly, almost cheekily.

“You’re in heat.”

“There is no way a human could know something like that.”

“Okay, but it’s true isn’t it?”

“Why? Do you want to find out? Jesus, what am I even saying? I don’t need to answer your obnoxious questions.” I turned and started hiking up the trail.

“Hey, my bad. I didn’t mean any offense. It’s just something I had been thinking about since we met yesterday. It’d been really…getting to me, and I just came to that conclusion this morning.”

Great, he wasn’t a dragon groupie, he was one of those humans who fancied themselves a real expert on us dragon shifters. Dragonophile. Obsessed, and now he was analyzing me like I was some science specimen.

“It was after something Trystal said to me yesterday…”

Damnit, Trystal.

“What did she say?”

“She mentioned that you could use a mate.”

I groaned.

“I’ve never found myself attracted to a shifter before…until yesterday. After thinking about it, it made all made sense. You’re in heat. You’re drawing me in.

I raised an eyebrow. That was an unexpected turn. My voice dropped down a growl. “So what if I told you that I’m not in heat? That you’re just trying to justify why you want so badly to get fucked by me?”

“What? Don’t, uh, don’t get ahead of yourself. I never said…”

I moved towards him. A cold wind started to blow across the trail, and I saw Levy shiver. I wanted to take his little omega human body, throw him down on the snow and give it to him right there.

Chapter 4


I don't know what had come over me. I had been thinking about it all night and all morning, I could hardly get him out of my head, but I never… I never planned to let him know that I was being drawn to him. It just kind of…came out. I just basically invited an alpha ice dragon to fuck me.

Karr paced toward me, the frigid wind blowing little glinting flecks of snow through the air, his hair rustling about. It was like his aura was reaching out for me, and as the grizzled, tall, and irresistibly sexy ice dragon alpha towered over me, all I could do was stare up at him and gape. My pulse was racing, and I suddenly became very aware of the hardness that was rapidly forming against the inside of my underwear.

The truth was, I did want to get fucked by him. It’d been so long since I’d been with anyone, and now the thought of being dominated by an experienced alpha ice dragon was probably the most exciting thing I’d ever faced on my entire trip. But now that the prospect was suddenly staring me straight in the face, I was intimidated as hell.

The wind blew even harder, and I shivered from the bitter cold that cut right through my jacket. Karr’s eyes pierced mine. “Turn around,” he growled.

“W-what? We can’t…”

“Turn around. We’re going back to the lodge.”

“Back to the lodge?” I asked hesitatingly. Holy shit, he’s fast. And it was turning me on even more.

He pointed to the sky. “It’s going to be snowing soon pretty hard soon, and it wouldn’t look good for me as a guide if you froze to death. So let’s turn back.”

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