Ice Dragon's Omega:Frozen Heart

By: Canis Blackfang

“Yesterday…” I murmured. It was all haze, except for… “Why am I naked?”

Karr came to the side of the bed. He was wearing a plaid button up shirt and jeans and looked rugged and sexy as hell. I felt my cock pulse with life, and I fought to control it. I sat up in bed, careful to keep the sheets over my slowly developing erection.

“You were in a pretty bad shape. You needed warmth badly.”

My cock was rock hard. So that wasn’t a dream. I had been naked, enveloped in Karr’s strong arms, his own naked body radiating heat to mine. As I engaged the memory further I could remember the feeling of his bulging muscles against my back, his big hands clutching my chest, and…

“I didn’t know ice dragons were so warm,” I murmured with a smirk. “Or so big.”

I pulled the covers down, letting Karr get a full view of my cock standing tall and thick. My mind was still in a haze, but I was so damn horny I could barely stand it. I wanted him, needed him so badly. I knew what it was – I had heard about this from my friends who had dragon mates – it was the pheromones that were given off when an alpha was in heat, that perfect combination of chemicals that would attract only a certain person. And I was that person.

But it didn’t matter to me – magic, science, love, destiny, I didn’t give a shit. I knew that I had a massive craving for some ice dragon cock, and I needed it fulfilled now. I’d always been a bit of a bottom, and even with the few guys I’d ever been with I’d never felt this level of desire before. Not only had Karr been silently seducing me with that dragon aura of his, he’d just saved my life.

Karr gave a smarmy little smile. “You’re making assumptions about what I want again.”

“Shut up,” I said, and I found myself reaching out and grabbing him by the belt and tugging him closer. If every one of my actions were impulses at this moment, then bring on the impulses. I hungrily undid the clasp of his buckle and pulled it open, and then popped the button of his jeans. Then I slowly drew down the zipper of his fly. I could see the bulge of his package showing through his underwear, and its swelling size told me all I needed to know about how Karr felt about this encounter.

“Do you do this for all the dragons you meet?” he said.

I didn’t answer his cheesy little joke, instead I slipped my fingers under the waistband of his underwear and then tugged them down. My eyes widened as Karr’s hard cock popped free, nearly hitting me right in the face it was so damn big. I looked up in his eyes, opened my mouth, and then wrapped my lips around his delicious, ice dragon cock.

“Oh, shit,” he groaned, his eyes rolling back for a second. “Oh, fuck…”

I tasted the heavy flavor of his pre-come on my tongue, and as I watched his reaction as I blew him I realized that I was the first guy to suck his cock in God knows how long, and it only turned me on more. My own dick was throbbing with excitement, practically bobbing up and down from my blood pulsing through it. Feeling Karr’s cock moving in my mouth only added to my excitement, and let my throat open up so I could take him down deeper.

“You like that dragon dick?” Karr grunted as he took a fistful of my hair and rocked my head back and forth on his cock.

“Mmff…” It’s all I could manage to say with his thickness filling my cheeks, a slick of saliva dripping down from the corner of my mouth. He tasted incredible, his cock was filled with a vitality that I’d never experienced before from being with other human guys. And it was hot. I was surprised at how his cock was radiating warmth. Not that I knew much about dragon cocks prior, but I would’ve expected an ice dragon’s dick to be, well…not so warm.

“I can see how hot you are, Levy,” Karr growled. “Your cock is practically begging for attention right now. Isn’t that right?”

I did my best to make a noise of acknowledgment as his cock slid down my throat. I slid out to sit on the edge of the bed so that Karr was standing in front of me between my legs, his crotch to my face, and I tugged his jeans and underwear down so that they were at his ankles. With his cock pumping in and out of my mouth I grabbed his muscular ass cheek and used it to pull him deeper down into my throat. He glared down at me, his eyes full lust, and my cock ached in response. I loved the way he was looking at me, all pent up desire. No human could ever give the look that he was giving me.

Chapter 5


The time for reservation was over. My cock was deep in Levy’s sweet, human mouth, and he was giving it the loving that it had been missing for years.

It wasn’t a lie when I had told Trystal a mate hadn’t been on my mind all these past decades, but Levy had turned everything around for me. It still shocked me how crazy I felt about this young human omega, but I couldn’t deny it. I watched the way he lovingly caressed my cock with his cute little tongue, the way he closed his eyes when he did it, giving me little looks every so often to check and see my reaction. His gaze in those moments burned into my mind, that wanting gaze.

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