Getting Wound Up

By: Jennifer Bernard

Caitlyn was unpacked an hour later and trying to not go over and over—and over and over—last night in her mind.

But it had been so…

And he was so…

And now she was so…

The doorbell rang and she almost wept with relief. A distraction. She’d been this close to calling Bryan to offer to do the bar inventory.

She pulled the door open with a huge smile for whoever was saving her from her lusty daydreams.

Funny thing, the subject of those lusty daydreams was standing with an arm propped on her doorframe.

“Eli. Hi.”

“I got the call.”

Her heart flipped, her stomach swirled and her mind spun. She swallowed hard. “And?”

“You won the bet.”

“I won the bet.” With her mind so flustered, it took her a moment to understand what that meant. “You got the call?”

“I got the call. I’m in. I report to the Kilby Catfish tomorrow.” A huge grin split his face, while her heart splintered into a million conflicting pieces.

He’s amazing. He deserves this. He’s leaving. It hurts. So much. But don’t let him see it.

“Oh my God, Eli! You did it! You got the call!” she shrieked and gave a little jump, maybe going a wee bit overboard to hide the hole opening in her heart.

“And you won the bet. You know what that means.” He lowered his voice. “I’m here to give you whatever you want.” He stepped inside, filling her world with his hard muscles and smoldering blue eyes. Her body responded with a helpless throb, while her heart wanted to shrivel up and disappear.

The thing was—what she wanted was the one thing he couldn’t give her.


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