Getting Wound Up

By: Jennifer Bernard

What the hell was Caitlyn doing? Trying to kill him? Was she now completely naked over there? He went hard as a rock at the thought. Fuck. He wasn’t supposed to get a hard-on in the presence of his friend’s sister. But even her ridiculous fuzzy pink pj’s couldn’t hide those amazing curves, and damn, he was only human. He shifted uncomfortably, the sweatpants rubbing against his cock. He usually slept naked, or at the most in his boxers. He felt suffocated by all that fabric.

This was never going to work. He listened to make sure Caitlyn was asleep, and when he didn’t hear any sound from her direction, he slid off his sweatpants and dropped them on top of his shirt. Ahhhh, that was better. Maybe now he had a chance of catching some zzzz’s before the main event tomorrow.

As long as he didn’t think too much about Caitlyn over there naked, her nightclothes in a little pile by her bed, just like his. It was kind of funny, if you thought about it.

Smiling, he drifted off.

In the middle of the night, the urge to visit the bathroom dragged him from a deep sleep. Blinking in the darkness, he stumbled out of bed. Still mostly asleep, he made his way across the room toward the bathroom. He yawned hugely, reaching for the door…

Only to find his arms full of warm, naked flesh. Female flesh.

Arousal ripped through him, and he dragged the tempting armful closer against his chest. He buried his nose in soft hair, ran his hands down curves that cried out to be touched.

His cock rose again, twice as hard as before. The woman in his arms trembled, pressed her hips against him. Nipples perked through her thin top, scraping against his chest, and oh my God, she wore the tiniest scrap of nothing in the way of panties. He could rip those things off her with one flick of his thumb. He could pin her against the wall and pull those fine legs around his hips and drive his cock into her—

A soft inhale broke the fantasy.

Horror rushing through him, he dropped the woman back to the floor.

No, not “the woman.” Caitlyn. He’d nearly taken Caitlyn Murray up against a wall in a random hotel room in Kansas City. Even now, his erection was nestled against her, as if that part of his body refused to let her go.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled, placing her firmly at arm’s length.

“It’s…it’s okay.” She sounded awfully breathless. “I should have turned the light on, but I didn’t want to wake you, and…it was my fault. I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, but that’s no excuse for me mauling you in the middle of the night. I was half asleep and didn’t exactly…ah hell, that sounds even worse. I’m really sorry, Caitlyn. It won’t happen again. Do you trust me?”

She didn’t answer for a moment, and he wished to God he could see her face. Just how angry was she?

“Go to sleep, Eli.” It was hard to miss the irritation in her voice. Well, that answered that. She was plenty angry. When he got back to Sapphire Falls, Bryan and Ty would probably beat his ass. And he’d deserve it. Not even a full night had passed in Caitlyn’s company and he’d lost his mind.

For a wild, dreamy moment, Caitlyn had thought all her secret fantasies were about to come true. Wrapped in Eli’s arms, his firm muscles surrounding her, the scent of his skin had gone right to her head. Hot desire had swept through her entire body. She’d wanted to lick his chest, kiss her way down his body, drop to her knees and lick his hard length. It had felt like every crazy daydream, every nighttime craving rolled into one.

Instead, here she was, even further from what she wanted. Now he felt bad, as if he’d accidentally forced something on her that she didn’t want. How could she tell him that she’d loved every second, after he’d basically blamed his actions on being too asleep to know what he was doing?

Grrrr. She flopped into bed and pulled her pillow over her head. Now if she could just get her heart to stop its jumping jacks and her pulse to settle down, she could work on her game face for tomorrow.

Note to self for tomorrow: say nothing. Pretend it never happened. Keep your cool. Just get him to that tryout.

As it happened, the next morning Eli’s extreme case of nerves made it easy to avoid referring to the half-naked incident. When Caitlyn got out of the shower, fully and carefully dressed, he’d already gone to the breakfast buffet and tanked up on coffee. He brought her a cup with plenty of creamers and sugar, as well as a plate of blueberry muffins. She poured creamer in her coffee while he paced around the room.

“Maybe you should go for a jog,” she suggested.

“Might pull a muscle,” he said tensely. “Or get lost.”

She laughed. “Did you eat anything?”

“Nope. Might throw up.”

“But you drank some coffee?”

“Little bit.” He drummed his fingers on his leg, which couldn’t seem to stay still. “You ready to go yet? I want to check out the stadium.”

“Eli.” She walked over to him and put her hands on his shoulders. She felt the contours of his muscles under the jersey and got momentarily distracted. The power that lurked in his body was enough to make a girl weak in the knees. She forced the memory of last night out of her mind. “This is what you were meant to do. It’s going to be fine. Just believe in yourself. I believe in you.”

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