High Maintenance:Good Girls Gone Bad 3

By: Patrice Balark & Dedra Beard


The big night has finally arrived and I couldn’t be more excited. It was the last day in 2015 and I’ve never been so ready to put a year behind me. This year has caused more hurt and pain than anything else. Besides finding out Kimora and I are sisters, graduating with our Master’s Degrees and starting our own business, shit had been hectic. I planned on doing things differently in 2016 and by differently, I mean, “The Coke Way.”

The ladies and I all got dressed at Ace’s house and decided to take Kimora’s Ashton Martin as our means of transportation tonight. We all looked amazing in our custom-made dresses designed by nobody else but our mothers. We all wore mermaid designed dresses that were made to fit our upper body and flared out nicely at the bottom. My dress was all-black with sequin material throughout the design. Kimora wore an all-gold dress with her back out while Ace wore a solid fire truck red dress that made her body resemble an hour glass.

I was so nervous; I got the same feeling the opening night of ‘Upscale Headquarters.’ I wanted everything to be perfect; I had to ensure that the opening night at ‘Kings,’ was a night to remember.

I looked at the clock on the dashboard in Kimora’s car and seen it was only 8:00 pm. Surprisingly, we were making good on time. We were opening the doors at 9:30 pm so we made it our priority that we were there to greet each and every guest.

“Y’all ladies ready?” Kimora asked, pulling out of Ace’s driveway.

I hadn’t stayed at my place since the break-in. Any other night I would have been at Quay’s, but him and Slim left two days ago to handle some business out of town that could not wait. I gave him a hard time when he told me that he wouldn’t be present for the opening, but I really understood. He promised to make it up to me when he got back. I couldn’t wait because I was missing my black baby.

We made it to the light right before the expressway when we noticed a Crown Victoria behind us and as soon as I looked through the side mirror, they cut their sirens on, instructing us to pull over.

“What the fuck they want?” Ace questioned from the backseat.

I had no idea. Hopefully, it was just a routine stop because it was New Year’s Eve and they wanted to ensure that none of the citizens were driving drunk. Either that or, I need them to get the fuck on and let us go enjoy our night.

“Hello, ladies. Where are you headed tonight?” A fat white officer asked, shining his flashlight in the car.

“What’s up officer? How can we help you?” I asked, not giving a fuck if I showed off the least bit of irritation.

Mr. Officer looked at me and smiled, but not before asking us to step out of the car. That was when I noticed a woman officer approaching my side of the car.

We did as we were told because I didn’t want to give them a reason to check the car or even my clutch. I knew if they found any of our guns, we would be counting down from Cook County Jail, division 17.

When I stepped out of the car, the lady officer had the nerve to compliment me on my dress. I rolled my eyes as they lead us to the squad car. All three of us piled up in the backseat.

“Coke, Ace and Kimora.” The male officer spoke.

“I need you ladies, to listen to me and listen to me carefully. I need you’ll to be careful, very careful. I’m going to play a tape for you and I’ll answer whatever questions I can afterward.” He continued.

The officer pulled a small tape player out of his vest pocket and pressed play. The voices I heard immediately brought tears to my eyes. The officer played the entire conversation that took place in my parent’s basement the day after our fathers came home. The tape contained nothing but incriminating evidence against me and my girls, along with Quay and Slim. After the tape was done, the officer turned around and looked at us.

“Shit!” Ace yelled.

“I know you, Officer Miller, right? You the officer that came to Chino’s house the day Coke was kidnapped. You work for them.” She said.

I could tell that Ace words caught him by surprise by the way he looked at her.

“Ladies, your father’s made a deal with the FEDS in order to be released early. They turned you guys in and that means early parole for them. They taped the entire conversation between you all and turned it in already. Not to worry, though, this was done on their own. It’s illegal here in Chicago to be tapped without your consent, so they fuck’d up. However, this does not take away from what was recorded. The FEDS are on y’all asses but they have nothing, absolutely nothing, to build a case. But that will not stop them from building one. It’s in your best interest to lay low. There won’t be much I can do if they start getting solid evidence on you. I hate to say it but watch your backs. The men that helped birth you wants to see you under the jail.”

Regardless of how hard I tried to register the information, shit just wouldn’t make sense. Or did it make sense and I was in denial?

“Thanks so much, sir, but can we go now?” Kimora asked.

“Yes, you can. Remember what I said and enjoy the re-grand opening of King’s,” He said.

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