I Ain't Like Them Other Niggas 2

By: LaToya Charmain


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LaToya Charmain


Jace ‘Juvie’ Justice

Nisha and I were in Miami, celebrating her 26th birthday, and I was having a ball. My girl told me earlier today that we were expecting, and I couldn’t be happier, but at the same time hearing that my connect was most likely a snitch was really fucking with me. Especially considering the fact that my boy, Drama, a nigga who was my family for all intensive purposes was supposed to have thoroughly vetted this nigga Snoop before he even brought him into our inner circle. Normally, I would look into niggas for our crew considering that I had access to some pretty good resources, but Drama met Snoop while I was in the military overseas five years ago in Afghanistan working under cover, so I wasn’t really in contact with him at that time. However, I trusted this nigga Drama to do his job, and check his boy Snoop out thoroughly.

At the time when they met, my other nigga and main man, Clip, who normally had my back was in jail on some bullshit charge that I don’t even remember. When Clip got out after doing a six-month skid bid in County, Drama had already moved to ATL, and was getting money out that way with Snoop, claiming that he had already looked into Snoop. Clip went along with it, thinking that Drama handled his business accordingly, yet after hearing from an ex-Army buddy of mine, name Gunz, that I had watching Snoop, I just found out about an hour ago that this nigga Snoop deserved a bullet to his chrome, and I had one waiting for him, as soon as I got back home to Georgia.

I watched Nisha’s sexy ass closely as we waited for the elevator to come. My girl was absolutely stunning! I wanted nothing more than to take her ass back in the hotel room we just left and fuck the shit out of her in those sexy ass red bottom boots that my girl was rocking, but she had already turned my ass down. Tonight, was our last night in Miami, and bae wanted to go out clubbing, which would have been fine under normal circumstances, but Nisha was six weeks pregnant, and the thought of some sweaty muthafuckas bumping into my girl’s stomach was fucking with me. I eyed her thick ass thighs in the leggings that she wore, and zeroed in on the imprint of her fat camel toe, staring right back at me. Seeing her double D’s secured nicely in a red Victoria Secret bra through her see through shirt had me ready to say fuck this shit and drag her sexy, thick ass back into our hotel room. However, it was my baby’s birthday, and she wanted to go clubbing, so I was going to give her anything that she wanted.

Stepping into the elevator behind Nisha, I palmed her fat ass and whispered in her ear, “Babe, you don’t know how hard it is for me to go to this club tonight when all I want to do is take yo sexy ass back in that hotel room and eat that sweet pussy ‘til you cream.” I walked behind her kissing her neck, as I pushed her into the back of the elevator up against the wall. She giggled, and I swear, that shit was like an aphrodisiac to me.

“Damn, Jace. Stop, bae.” She panted, clearly turned on by the rubbing that I was doing on her nipples.

We were standing in the empty elevator, and I had her pressed up against the wall, face first. I used one hand to rub that soft spot between her legs, while the other hand, I used to grab her neck, so I could trail kisses up and down her neck. Pushing my erection into her, I didn’t even care when the elevator stopped on the floor beneath ours to pick up an older white couple. The couple looked at us with a knowing smile then turned around. I removed my hand from between her legs and turned her around to face me by her neck, so I could kiss her soft gentle lips.

“Mmmm, bae, you really trying to get me to stay, huh?” She asked, when I let her come up for air. My hand was still around her throat, and I could see her contemplating going back upstairs with me when the elevator doors opened to the lobby. The older couple stepped off the elevator first, then Nisha calmly removed my hand from around her throat, and let her hand fall down my stomach to land on my erection.

“Bae, I promise you, when we get back tonight, I’m gonna suck and fuck you senseless, but right now, I want to shake my ass, so come on.” She purred seductively, reaching up onto her tippy toes to kiss my cheek, before she grabbed my hand and pulled me out the elevator right before the doors closed.

Adjusting my member with my free hand, I followed behind my love, quickly pulling her into me, so I could hold her by her waist right beside me. The lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel in Miami where we were staying was huge, yet absolutely stunning, with its warm amber gold coloring and Italian marble everywhere. Leading Nisha to the exit, I lead her to the back of the Lincoln Town car that sat patiently waiting for us that I had reserved for us this weekend.

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