I Ain't Like Them Other Niggas 2

By: LaToya Charmain

Feeling the effects of the drugs starting to kick in, I worked my dick into Adam’s tight buttocks slowly, loving the feel of the tightness around my member.

“Awe fuck….Yes,” Adam moaned loudly.

The slurping sounds Brooke was making was driving me wild, so I started doing long deep strokes to loosen up Adam’s muscles, before I really went in.

“OH, FUCK. GAWD, YES!” Adam screamed, as I picked up the pace.

No longer being able to hold on to the dick in front of her, since I was now banging Adam’s back out, Brooke got up from in front of Adam and came around to behind me, sliding her finger in and out of me feeling wonderful.

“Ooo, shit,” I murmured, when I felt her replace her finger with her tongue. She was using the tip of her tongue to go in and out of me, driving me crazy. The Ex I took had every nerve ending on my body tingling.

Changing positions, I leaned Adam over the table and pulled Brooke on top of his back with her legs thrown over my shoulder, so I could eat her pussy, while I fucked Adam from behind. Leaning over a little, without coming out of Adam, I stuck my tongue into her creamy center. I was determined to make her cum again, so I ate her pussy furiously, tugging on her piercing with my teeth. All the while never missing a beat in the pounding that I was putting on Adam.

“OH, FUCK YES, CHRIS! YES! RIGHT THERE, BABY!” Brooke screamed, releasing the floodgates in my mouth.

Adam was grunting so hard that it sounded like he was having a heart attack, but they already knew when I was on that ex and coke combined, I was a beast! “OH shit, man. Ease up a little,” Adam whined, trying to push me back from giving him all of the dick. I smacked him on his ass and pulled out of him, so we could change positions. I was dying to get into Brooke’s sweet hot center, ‘cause her shit was always wet without lubrication, and I knew that she was already dripping wet from the sheen that I felt drying around my mouth and goatee because of her last orgasm.

Brooke rolled off her husband’s back and walked over to the big circular bed in the middle of the room. She grabbed a medium-sized, red butt plug that she had out and inserted it into her tight little ass. Following her, I grabbed a baby wipe from off the bed to wipe off the remnants of Adam, before entering Brooke’s hot center. I swear, no matter how much I loved some dick, there was nothing like the feel of some good and wet pussy, I thought to myself going as deep as I could. I promise y’all the bitch was taking all of my dick better than her husband, and she was tiny as fuck, weighing maybe 110 pounds. But I ain’t have no problem ramming my member into her, giving her what she wanted as she moaned in ecstasy.

“Ooo, fuck this pussy.”

“Ohh, shit yeah,” I said, slamming into her and putting my hand around her throat squeezing. Brooke loved to be choked during sex, and I aimed to please. I was standing at the edge of the bed with Brooke’s legs over my shoulder leaning down over her onto my arms, so I wouldn’t crush her. At the angle I was hitting it, I knew she could feel every inch of my nine inches.

Feeling the moist feeling of Adam’s lubricated fingers going inside me, I prepared myself for what was about to come by bending over more, so he could have better access. “Ooo yes, take this ass,” I moaned, drilling into Brooke’s wet center underneath me. Adam grabbed my hips and entered me from behind, making my legs feel like they would buckle from the feel of the fullness of his thick member. Although his dick wasn’t that long, it was fat as fuck; it was the width of a can of soda, so yeah, this white boy was blessed!

“Ooo, fuck yeah,” I grunted. If you never had a fuck sandwich where you fucking and getting fucked at the same damn time, you don’t know what you missing. The coke had my dick rock hard, and the ex that I took had me sweating profusely, with tingles running all over my body.

Adam and I got into a good rhythm, where our thrusts were synchronized, which meant that every time he went in and out of me, I went in and out of Brooke. I could no longer support all of my weight on one arm with getting pumped deeply from behind, so I had to let Brooke’s neck go. By the way her walls were contracting around my meat, I knew she was close to releasing another gush of fluids.

“FUUUUUUUCK, CHRRRISSSS!” She screamed, bucking off the bed as she climaxed again.

Not being able to withstand the intense drilling I was giving her anymore, Brooke wiggled her body from up underneath me and turned around to put her mouth where her pussy previously sat. Hanging her head off the side of the bed, she deep-throated my dick, and the shit felt great. I could feel that I was touching the little dangly thing at the back of her throat, but Brooke never once gagged. Shawty was a pro at giving head!

Adam pushed my top half down further onto the bed and placed one leg on the bed, so he could go deeper in me. I felt like my whole body was on fire and on the verge of combusting, but I knew I was nowhere near ready to bust yet. Shit, the way I was feeling, I just might take a ride on the wheel. In all the times I have been here, I never tried it because I wasn’t into getting beat, but I had no problems doing the beating. Imagining just how good the sting of the flogger and whip would feel against my tingling skin had me wanting to be secured in the contraption.

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