I Ain't Like Them Other Niggas 2

By: LaToya Charmain

When we finally made it to Club LIV, it was packed! There were people everywhere of all different races and nationalities getting their party on. Instantly, I was mad that I left my gun back in our hotel room, because I hated being in crowded public places without my piece. However, being that I was in a different state than I worked in, I had no authority to carry my service weapon into a packed club without raising questions, so I left it behind in the safe in the room. The music was deafening, but by the way the dance floor was packed, the DJ was killing it. The club was one of the hottest spots in South Beach, so I had the concierge at the hotel where we were staying to reserve us VIP seating with bottle service. The electric blue and hot pink lighting gave off a sexy Miamian party feel. Scantily clad women were everywhere, but them bitches ain’t have shit on my shawty.

As we made our way over to the sectioned off VIP section, I noticed a couple of men and women checking my shawty out and watching the way her ass bounced up and down with every step she took in her black, high-waisted leggings. She had on a pair of Christian Louboutin gold studded shoe boots and a black, see-through top. The look on my face told them niggas that that their pussy was taken. I was stingy as fuck with mine, so I didn’t do the sharing thing at all! I had done marked and laid claim to every inch of my thick shawty’s body, and I wasn’t about to let no other nigga or bitch even get a whiff of my pussy.

With it being Nisha’s birthday weekend, I wasn’t sparing no expense, and although she couldn’t drink, I needed a couple after hearing that shit that Gunz told me about Snoop’s ass. I wasn’t planning on getting sloppy, because I never did, except for that one time when I was with Clip a few years back. But a couple of stiff drinks would definitely help me to calm the fuck down, because inside, I was hot! I was trying my damnedest not to let Nisha know how I was feeling, so I wouldn’t ruin her birthday, but really, all I wanted to do was to be diging in my girl’s guts while on a plane heading back to Savannah, Georgia, so I could kill that fuck boy Snoop. That nigga had an expiration date on his life for real.

Making our way over to the VIP area that I reserved, I finally started to relax a little, because it was less crowded, and I didn’t have to worry about someone accidently bumping into Nisha’s stomach. My sister Jenn was also pregnant, and she had recently told me that the first trimester was the most dangerous.

Arriving at our booth in VIP, the waitress immediately came over to take our drink orders. Because LIV required that you spend a minimum of $2500, for their VIP tables, I figured I would just order a $3300 bottle of Louis XIII Remy Martin, even though I had no intention of drinking it all, and some cranberry juice for Nisha since she couldn’t drink. When the drinks came, I immediately tore into the bottle knocking back two shots.

“Bae, what‘s wrong?” Nisha asked in my ear over the music. Although the music was not as loud in this section of the club, you still heard it, and the bass vibrated the floor and the seats where we sat.

“Nuttin’, Ma. Why you ask?” I said, putting down the bottle from pouring myself another glass.

“Because you have just drank more than I have ever seen you drink in a couple of seconds. Plus, it seems like ever since we left the hotel room, ya mind been somewhere else.”

My girl was right; I normally didn’t drink, because I had seen firsthand what alcohol could do to someone, and I made it my business to always be in control of my mind and body. I hadn’t realized that she was picking up on my vibe, but that shit Gunz told me really had my mind spinning. This nigga Snoop possibly being an informant was definitely bad for both of my businesses, and although I was gonna lullaby his ass as soon as I touched down tomorrow in ATL, this shit with him and Drama wasn’t sitting right with me. Drama was normally a thorough nigga when bringing people to the team, so the fact that, for the last five years or so, he been cool with ole boy with no idea that his boy was working with the Feds, was fucking with me.

“I’m sorry, Ma. I was just thinking about the baby,” I lied.

“Bae, I am only six weeks; the baby is fine! The doctor did a thorough examination on me yesterday before we left, but I know ya ass is not going to be happy until you hear that shit for yourself, so I promise you, I will make another doctor’s appointment on Monday. Please try to relax, and let’s have some fun.” Nisha said dancing in her seat. “Oh, and yes, I will let him know that I would like to see his nurse practitioner going forward, cause you don’t want me to have a male doctor. However, once you meet Dr. Booth, I don’t think you’ll care. He’s a sweet old man in his sixties that have seen the insides of more women than we could even imagine.”

I appreciated her being willing to change her doctor for me, because I know that shit was a big deal after hearing Jenn complain about that shit to Clip, but I didn’t care. There was no reason that another man needed to be all up in my pussy, point blank, period! Therefore, I just smiled, and sat back bobbing my head to the music.

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