I Ain't Like Them Other Niggas 2

By: LaToya Charmain

Although I had my reservations about coming out, I was really enjoying myself. Nisha was dancing in front of our booth giving me my own show, and I was loving every minute of it. I wasn’t really a dancing type of nigga, but for Nisha, I was willing to make an exception. That’s why when her song “Play No Games” by Big Sean featuring Chris Brown came on, I allowed her to pull me on the dance floor with her. My girl was grinding her ass all up on me to the beat, as she sang along to the chorus.

I ain't like them other niggas, And I ain't bout to play no games with you, You know what your problem is? You don't ever see the big picture…

Shawty had my dick rock hard bouncing all that ass on me, and I wanted to do nothing more than fuck her where we stood, but I couldn’t even disrespect my baby like that in here. Although the club was packed, I think someone would notice if I pulled down her leggings and started fucking my shawty in the middle of the dance floor.

When the song ended, I was ready to snatch her ass up and head back to our hotel, but Nisha wasn’t ready to leave yet. She hollered in my ear that she was going to the bathroom, so I went back to our table and waited for her to return. I was in the middle of going through my emails to see if my man from New York hit me back yet about Snoop being a possible informant for the FBI. When I looked up to see some young ass Mexican guy all up in Nisha’s face as she was trying to make her way back to our table; it look like dude was not taking no for an answer as Nisha kept trying to go around him.

Seeing red, I jumped up from the table ready to lay this nigga out if he grabbed her hand one more time. “AYE PARTNER, GET YA FUCKING HANDS OFF MY WIFE!” I hollered loud enough for homeboy to hear me over the music.

“It’s ok bae. Clearly, he’s drunk,” Nisha said in my ear pushing me back to our table trying to keep the peace.

Listening to my girl, I knew she was right, ‘cause you could smell the liquor seeping through homeboy’s pores, so I was about to turn and go with her, until ole boy grabbed Nisha around her waist right in front of me; I lost it. I snatched Nisha out the way and hit the muthafucka with a right hook so hard that his ass dropped to the floor spilling his drink all over me and himself. “I TOLD YOU GET YA FUCKING HANDS OFF MY WIFE!”

“Bae come on. Don’t pay his ass no mind. Let’s just go.”

“Nah, fuck that Nisha!”

Dude must’ve thought I was a joke, but I wasn’t playing with homeboy. I’d kill his ass right now where we stood. I didn’t play when it came to me and mines, and this drunk ass Mexican or no one else was going to put they hands on something that belonged to me.

I was ready to lay into his ass, while he laid on the floor clearly stunned by my punch, when two Mexicans in suits quickly pushed me back, and snatched the young nigga up off the floor, without so much as a word to me. At first, I thought that they were the club security with the way they snatched the poor boy up off the floor and dragged him away before I could really tear into that ass for him touching Nisha. However, as watched them drag the boy to another VIP booth across the room where there sat a few more men and women enjoying themselves, I was ready to follow behind them. Nisha, seeing my thoughts stepped in front of me, begging me to leave it alone, but I wasn’t cut out that way. Dude was disrespectful so he had to be dealt with. Seeing the tears in Nisha’s eyes, as she continued to beg me to go back to our table, I allowed her to push me back as I watched the young man in the middle of the group watching me, while some freak sat on of his lap.

Sliding into our booth, I sat down close next to Nisha so she could hear me. “Are you alright, Ma? That nigga didn’t hurt you, did he?” I asked, rubbing on my baby’s stomach.

“I’m fine, Juvie, but I really think you overreacted out there. He was clearly drunk.”

“I don’t give a fuck if his ass was drunk, coked out of his fucking mind, or feeling himself off that Molly. Ain’t no nigga putting his hands on you.”

Before Nisha could respond to my comment, a scantily clad waitress brought over another bottle of Remy and sat it down on the table in front of us. She leaned over to tell me that it was from the man across the room that was watching me.

The waitress was a pretty white girl with barely a mouthful of titties that she had hiked up in a pushup bra, trying to give the illusion that they were bigger than they were. She had nothing on my girl Nisha, whose titties were two handfuls of pure brown sugar sweetness.

“Yo, you can take that shit right back to him, and tell him I’m good. Fuck I look like accepting drinks from another man?”

The waitress, clearly shocked by my outburst, asked “Are you sure? The bottle has already been paid for? The gentleman sends this bottle as an apology for what happened.”

“I don’t give a fuck! Take that shit back to him and tell him I said thank you, but no thank you.” I replied, handing the waitress two crisp one hundred dollar bills as a tip for her trouble.

I watched as she sauntered away returning the bottle to the group of Mexican man. She seemed to only talk to the man sitting in the middle of the group; the one that I noticed was eye hustling me earlier. Nisha was sitting next to me, rubbing my chest and trying to get me to calm down, but I was hot! She was rambling on about some shit, but I wasn’t paying attention, because I was too busy sitting there plotting my attack in my head to take down all eight of the men that sat in the booth across the room.

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