I Ain't Like Them Other Niggas 2

By: LaToya Charmain

Feeling like the whole night was thrown the fuck off, I was ready to bounce. Leaning over, I asked Nisha if she was ready to go, and my girl must’ve been thinking the same thing, because she grabbed her purse and slid out the opposite side of the hot pink booth.

Standing up behind her, I snatched the card off the table tucking it into my pocket. I had to figure out who the hell Raphael Montoya was, and where did I hear that name from.

Eyeing the group of men across the room, I watched as a pretty Columbian girl sat on Raphael's lap feeding him a strawberry from her mouth, while his nephew was damn near passed out on the table. I grabbed Nisha's hand and led her through the packed club towards the exit.

As soon as I hit the fresh air outside the club, I instantly remembered where I heard the name Raphael Montoya from. He was the son of the Mexican drug lord El Diablo that recently got popped by the Fed’s, making him the new distributor that was now in charge of the whole Eastern hemisphere. The night just got better, I thought with a smile helping Nisha into the back of our waiting car.



I was sitting in my hotel room blowing up my brother’s phone for what must’ve been the hundredth time, but to no avail.

“What the fuck?” I said, throwing my phone across the room shattering it into pieces when his phone went straight to voicemail again. I had been in the ATL for the last two days, and no one had seen or heard from this nigga Snoop, so I was starting to get worried. I knew his ass bet not be laid up with a bitch ignoring my fucking calls, or I was gonna kill the nigga myself when I found him.

I was supposed to be out here to discuss us relocating our operation out to Washington State, since he wanted to get the fuck up out of Georgia so bad, but Snoop’s ass was nowhere to be found. I swear, if this nigga just upped and disappeared on me, I was going to kill his ass.

Snoop was my brother by blood, and I owed that nigga a lot for everything that he did for me when we were kids. No one knew that we were brothers, because Snoop said it would complicate things, so I was cool with not even telling Juvie and Clip about our relationship. You see, our mother was a fucking junkie, to the fullest extent. Snoop was three years older than me, and when we were kids growing up in New York, this nigga would do everything for us. I remember he would go steal food for us to eat from the local bodegas or dig through the trash behind the McDonald’s just to make sure that I had something to eat. I watched him cry himself to sleep from hunger many of nights when there was not enough food for the both of us to eat. He would just give it all to me then go lay down on the filthy piss stained mattress that was our only piece of furniture that we had in the tiny one-bedroom apartment.

Our mother would leave us home with no food for days on end. Then, one day, when I was six, her ass never came home again. We stayed hidden in that dark nasty apartment for about a month, until the landlord discovered us, and called Department of Family and Children Services to come step in to take us. From there, we were taken to a boy’s home, while we waited for them to try and contact our next of kin, but we ain’t know nobody other than our momma, so we knew they wouldn’t find no one.

It seemed like, back then, Snoop was always getting into fights because the other boys in the home would always pick on us. We had never been to school, so neither one of us knew how to read or write our own name let alone a sentence. Add to that the fact that I constantly peed myself when I got nervous, it seemed like Snoop was always fighting someone for me.

About a month went by, when all of a sudden, a man that was supposed to be my father showed up out the blue and claimed me, taking me back to Georgia with him and his wife. I remember begging his ass to take my older brother, too, but he flat out refused. I mean, here I was a six-year-old little boy that just lost his mother, and was now being separated from the only other person that I knew and loved in this world by a big scary man that I didn’t know from a hole in the wall. I remember that day like it was yesterday.

Me and Snoop were sitting in the recreation room of the boys’ home watching TV, when the door opened and in stepped this man and woman, along with Mr. Jones, the man that ran the group home. They were pointing in my direction, when Snoop stood up pushing me behind him.

“Tyrell, son, this is your father and his wife. You will be going to live with them in Georgia now.” Mr. Jones said peering down at me.

“Can Andy come, too?” I asked timidly, calling Snoop the nickname that I had given him when I was a baby; because I couldn’t say Andre.

“Ahh, no son. Andy has to stay here until we locate a family member for him.” Mr. Jones said.

“Then, I don’t want to go,” I exclaimed, hugging Snoop as hard as I could. That didn’t stop them from stepping in to tear us apart, though.

Andy was standing in front of me yelling “You can’t take my brother, with tears running down his face, as Mr. Jones and this strange man started pulling us apart.

“Please take Andy with us. “ I begged, crying and pissing on myself instantly.

“Son, I can’t,” was all the man said, as him and his wife dragged me out the rec room, kicking and screaming, while Mr. Jones held Snoop back from being able to follow us. From there, we got straight in a car and drove for what seemed like days to get to Georgia. I cried the whole way and refused to talk or eat anything for weeks. All I wanted was my big brother back.

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