I Ain't Like Them Other Niggas 2

By: LaToya Charmain

Brooke was a petite spunky white woman with blonde hair. Like me, Brooke worked out often, and ate right so her body was nice and firm just like how I preferred my men and women to be. She stood about 5’ 3” inches tall with a tiny frame and gray eyes. She was what you would call classically pretty, with her small dainty nose, and long blonde hair that she had pulled up in a messy bun.

I worked for her and her husband as the couple’s financial advisor for the last year or so, and we been having these little get-togethers for just as long.

I used my free hand to slip down her flat stomach to rest between her soft pink fold, and I felt that she was already wet and waiting for me, which turned me on more! I was in the middle of finger fucking her, and devouring her store bought and paid for right breast in the foyer of their expansive home, when the door opened behind me unexpectedly and in walked Adam, Brooke’s handsome husband. He stood a little over 6 feet, 1 inches tall with a swimmer’s lean solid build. His dark curly hair fell right below his ears, and he had the most amazing emerald green eyes that I had ever seen. He had a strong jawline and a cute little cleft in his chin.

“Damn, honey. Y’all started without me,” Adam smirked, quickly closing the door behind him, throwing his keys in the marble bowl that sat on the Cherry wood table just inside the couple’s foyer. Brook was too incapacitated to talk at the moment as I kept my fingers from alternating from rubbing on her soft nub and slipping my long middle finger into her. Closing the short distance between us, Adam quickly came up behind me while I fingered his wife and grabbed my ass, pressing his semi-erection into me.

“I just got here man, and seen this little tight pussy staring me in my face, so I couldn’t help myself,” I responded, never stopping my finger assault on her velvety insides.

I had Brooke’s back pressed up against the wall, her eyes were closed, and her mouth hung open moaning loudly. I could tell that she was almost there, so I picked up my pace ramming two of my fingers in and out of her while tugging gently on her clitoral piercing, causing her to come completely undone. I could feel all her hot milky white juices running down my hand, as she shook uncontrollably from the impact of her orgasm.

Pulling my hand away once she stopped shuttering, I sucked her juices off my fingers before turning around and sticking my tongue in Adam’s mouth so that he could taste his wife on my breath.

“Sorry baby. I thought you’d get back faster. What took so long?” Brooke panted, replying to Adam’s initial question, now that she could speak again since coming down from the big O that I had just given her.

Finishing my kiss, Adam pulled back and replied to his wife, while stroking my member through my slacks. “Honey, you know your mother can talk. I tried to just drop the kids off at the door and get back in the car, but she wanted me to come in so she could show me the new model for the addition that your parents are funding for Memorial Hospital.”

I knew that Brooke’s parents were loaded, because I was their financial advisor first before they referred Brooke and her husband to me. Brooke’s parents had money on top of money. They were like the people you read about that family had been handing down inheritances for generations, leaving heirs to their fortunes.

Although I had only been fucking Adam and Brooke together for about a year now, I met Adam ten years ago on Armstrong University Campus when I was getting my MBA, and he was working on his law degree. We would occasionally hit each other off; however, at that time, we were both perpetrating the straight life, so nothing ever came of it. It was about a year after I had injured my knee playing ball that I decided to go back to school to get my MBA, since my career as a professional football player was over.

I had to give it to my man Adam. He married well, because like me, his ass came from nothing. He too had went to college on a scholarship, but to play baseball instead of football. He tried his hands at the minor leagues for a while before giving that shit up after fracturing his arm in a serious ATV accident.

Him and Brooke had been married for about seven years now, and he did the smart thing by knocking her ass up as soon as they met, so that she would have no choice but to marry him, and he could be a part of her family’s old money world. He admitted all that shit to me a few months ago, when we secretly had a rendezvous at a nearby hotel, unbeknownst to Brooke. They were living up north in New York, where Adam worked as a lawyer, thanks in part to Brooke father’s connections. However, after the death of Brooke’s grandfather two years ago, the couple moved down to the Savannah area to be closer to Brooke’s grandmother and her parents.

I was surprised as hell when Adam walked into my office a year ago with his wife and her parents. Never in a million years did I think Adam’s trailer park ass would be the son-in-law to one of my most wealthiest clients (Charles and Bess Winthrop), but I played it cool and followed his lead. He had no problem letting his in-laws know that we went to school together, but our extracurricular activities they had no idea about. Brooke didn’t even know that me and her husband use to get it in back in the day.

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