I Ain't Like Them Other Niggas 2

By: LaToya Charmain

I had been to the couple’s home quite a few times before, so I knew the whole layout, and let me tell you, it was impressive. The huge house sat right on water. The whole back of the house was made of glass, so that you could look right out onto the Ogeechee River from the open concept den. There was a large pool and beautiful deck just outside the pocket windows, then just beyond that, a long dock where Adam’s 38-foot Sea Ray Boat sat in the water bobbing up and down attached to his dock. The whole house was professionally designed in a nautical theme. The walls were all done in various shades of blue, gray, and white. Off to the right of the house sat a spiral staircase that took you upstairs to the five bedrooms, and to the left, there sat a massive open concept chef’s kitchen, a large dining room, and a formal living area. The house even had a media/family room that was farther down the hall past the spiral staircase, but my favorite part of the house was the room hidden behind what appeared to be a bookcase all the way at the end of the hall, but was actually a door that opened to reveal another room. Adam and Brooke called it their playroom, and I was following behind Adam heading there now, while he casually took off his clothes throwing them on the floor with every step he took.

When we stepped into the dimly lit room, it appeared that Brooke had already had the room set up for us. She had taken the liberty to pour us some drinks, lay out some of her favorite toys that she wanted to use, and up lit the room in a sexy reddish pinkish hue that caused everything inside to have an almost red undertone. The walls in this room were completely different from the rest of the house; they were a deep rich purple with black accents. In the middle of the room, there sat a custom made huge round bed that could easily sleep six comfortably. Against the far wall on the right, there were two wheels used to secure someone to if you were into that kind of thing, and up against the wall to the left sat two oversized plush black and purple velvet like couches. Brooke was a big fan of sex toys, so lined against the back wall housed glass cases filled with an array of different sex toys, from paddles and whips, to dildos, butt plugs, and gags.

The couple occasionally hosted some swinger parties at their home for their most prestigious of the friends. I had been to a couple of them in the past, but they were nothing really to write home about. Personally, I preferred our intimate evenings alone without all Brooke’s stuffy friends, because I could let my guard down, and all of us could really have some fun.

I took the small white pill that Brooke offered to me by licking it out of her hand and swallowing the Ecstasy tablet chasing it down with a shot of 50-year-old expensive scotch. I watched as Brooke and Adam did the same, followed by a couple of lines of some decent quality blow that was already separated on a silver serving tray waiting for their noses. Coke wasn’t my drug of choice really because the muthafucka would keep me up for days, but on these occasions, I normally did a line or two to keep my dick hard and prolong me from being able to cum. I had already smoked a blunt on my way over here, so I know I was about to be in a zone in no time.

Standing off to the side, I watched as Brooke dropped to her knees, immediately, sprinkling another fat line of coke onto Adam’s now fully erect fat 7-inch penis and snorted it off before placing him into her mouth. Adam moaned loudly, using the messy bun in her hair to cement her in place as she deep throated his dick. I had tickled Brooke’s tonsils quite a few times in the past, so I knew the bitch head game was superb. I used to wish that Mike would have married a sexually free-spirited woman like Brooke, so that it could be he and I that could be having threesomes together, but Nisha was definitely no Brooke.

Taking off my clothes, I placed the rolled up hundred dollar bill in my nose and did a line in each nostril. Then, I grabbed a bottle of lube off the nearby antique table and poured a generous helping in my hand, as I approached Adam from behind. I was rubbing some on my member and using the remaining liquid like substance to thoroughly lubricate the inside walls of Adam’s rectum with my finger.

Feeling the penetration of my finger in his behind, Adam lifted one of his legs onto the black and purple zebra stripped sex wedge table that the couple had custom made purposefully for this room. Leaning forward ever so slightly as not to disturb Brooke, who still sat on her knees giving Adam head, he tooted his as up to me so that I could gain better entrance.

Now don’t me twisted, I usually didn’t fuck no one raw other than Mike, but the Connor’s and I had a special arrangement, and a stipulation of our little agreement was that we each got tested monthly regardless if we were going to be intimate with each other, and we shared the results with each other like clockwork. Since Mike moved in with me, I suggested he get tested regularly as well, and he agreed, willingly. However, Mike didn’t know that I was sleeping with anyone else besides him, let alone, doing it unprotected, but what he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. I never told Mike about this little thing I had with my clients because, first, we had all signed nondisclosure agreements protecting each of us, and two, it was none of his fucking business. He didn’t want to openly claim my dick as his own, so I wasn’t going to pretend like it was.

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