I Ain't Like Them Other Niggas 2

By: LaToya Charmain

Link had moved out of my condo a while back, and now, owned a home in the same subdivision that I did, so we saw his one legged ass all the time, and he was still telling Nisha stories about me. I rented my condo out, rather than sell it, because it brought in extra money for us, so now I was also officially a landlord.

Pulling up to the reception site, I winked at my wife sitting across from me in the limo we were riding in, and she smiled back at me. She was prettier today than the day I first saw her that day at the courthouse, which seemed so long ago, but actually, was only about a year-and-a-half ago. Our kids were riding with Pops, his date, and Aunt Yvette in the car behind us. Pops had finally stopped asking me about Drama a little while ago, when one night when I was at his house, he told me that Drama must’ve given me a reason to. I never asked what he meant by that statement or confirmed or denied what Pops said, because we both knew what he meant. Aunt Yvonne now suffered from early onset dementia, so she barely remembered what day it was, therefore, she had also stopped wishing that he would come home or call her.

It seemed like so much had changed in such a short period of time, but also, it remained the same, as I looked at the wedding party, who was riding with us. Of course, I was the best man, and Nisha the maid of honor, however, in the limo, there was also Link and Gunz as the groomsmen, and Octavia and Jenn’s best friend Chanel as the bridesmaids. We all looked happy, and that is all I could hope for.

When we got out the car, I pulled Nisha aside and let her know about my plans about leaving early tonight, so there was no confusion when I told her ass let’s go like Papoose did to Remy Ma on Love and Hip Hop. My wife giggled my favorite sound, then grabbed the beast, so I know it was going to be on later, and I couldn’t wait. My wife was truly like no other.

The end!

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