Imani and Braxton:A Compton Love Story

By: Keisha Simpson-Baker

I was happy. He was letting the world know that I was his and he was mine. For a high school relationship, a public Facebook acknowledgement was as real as it got. My happiness was short-lived because directly underneath was another posting by Kayla Richardson. It read ‘Really Brax, I thought we were talking… WTH?’

Her comment hit me hard. I didn’t know if I should believe what she wrote or not. Braxton and I had just become official, so if he was talking to her before me, then I really couldn’t be mad at him for that. Kayla and I were complete opposites so it was weird for Braxton to like both of us. Where I was curvy, she was skinny. I usually wore my hair in long, loose curls where she wore braids. I was a quiet, private person while she was a social butterfly and outgoing. We had absolutely nothing in common except one thing; apparently we both liked Braxton.

Posting this nonsense all over Facebook didn’t sit well with me. It was obvious Braxton had entered into a relationship with me, so what would she gain by her public protest? I wasn’t going to respond to it but Braxton needed to make it very clear to Kayla that we were together. I decided to instant message him about it since I knew that was the only way I was going to get to sleep peacefully.

Hey Brax, I saw what Kayla wrote on your wall. She seems upset; I didn’t know you guys were talking like that. Should I watch out?

His response: Imani I am so sorry. That girl is crazy. She’s been chasing after me summer long. We go to the same church and her parents head the fundraising committee. I have to be nice to her because of her family’s position in the church but trust me, I am not attracted to her in any way.

I knew a few kids from our school were members, but I didn’t know one of them was Kayla, and I clearly didn’t know that Kayla felt this way about him.

I responded: That must be tough for you because you have to be nice. I don’t want her to steal you away from me. Lol

He responded, ‘You have nothing to worry about. Let me tell her right now that I want nothing to do with her romantically and I’m with you right now and she needs to respect that. Hold on she’s online right now, I’ll message her.

In a couple of minutes, Braxton copied and pasted me the whole conversation he had with Kayla.

Braxton: Kayla what’s with the crazy message on my wall?

Kayla: I’m confused Braxton. We’ve been working together all summer long, we were talking and everything was great and then I look on FB and you’re in a relationship with somebody else?

Braxton: I’m obligated to work with you in the church, Kayla. I’m glad you and I were able to raise all the funds we need for the year and we actually do work very well together but we were never in a relationship. You know that.

Kayla: I like you, I have liked you since the beginning of summer and I’ve been dropping hints all summer long!

Braxton: I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry but I’m with Imani now so…

Kayla: You’re making a big mistake; a blind man can see that you and I belong together. We have so much in common. Both of our parents work in the church and I just feel like God brought us together. You’re messing things up by being with her.

Braxton: Well I feel a little differently, maybe God has brought me to Imani. Just stop with postings on my wall, okay? It’s disrespectful to her and our relationship.

Kayla: Whatever Braxton.

Shortly thereafter all of Kayla’s posts disappeared from Braxton’s wall and I noticed her status update changed to “Hoes win yet again” and underneath a slew of friends asking her what happened and what was wrong. Up until this point in my life, I had remained a pretty drama-free person. I had never been confused as promiscuous by anybody like Kayla was insinuating, but I guess she needed to find some reason as to why her and Braxton’s relationship didn’t unfold the way she wanted. I really hoped that she was done with her antics and wouldn’t continue to cause problems. I really liked Braxton and I didn’t want to lose him but I didn’t want to have to fight over him either.

Monday October 4, 2014

Monday morning wasn’t the usual struggle to get out of bed since I had Braxton to look forward to. Instead of rolling out the bed at the last minute, I made sure I woke up an extra half hour earlier to do my hair and makeup. I got to school well before eight and I headed to my counselor, Ms. Aguilar’s office to turn in my scholarship application.

“Imani, how are you, your mom told me that you were for sure going after the Wisconsin scholarship program.”

“Yeah, I filled out the application and wrote my essay.”

“Okay, I’ll fax it in this morning. They usually have a very quick response time so you’ll hear from them either today or tomorrow to see if they are interested in talking with you further based on your paper application.”

“Okay. Well, I appreciate you sending this in for me.”

“No problem, Imani. Anything for Elaine’s daughter. Now if you don’t get back the response you want, remember there are thousands of other opportunities for you so don’t get easily discouraged if Wisconsin is not the right fit for you okay.”

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