Imani and Braxton:A Compton Love Story

By: Keisha Simpson-Baker

“But I want to work at the church and I really do want to become a minister. Listen, when I found out you were pregnant, I really had to think about things and grow up a little bit, and in the midst of that, and after a lot of prayer, I realized the ministry is what I really want to do. In my eyes, I feel like this money is a blessing to us because we’re doing the right thing. I’m going to continue on the path I’ve started.”

I just nodded in agreement; I wasn’t going to push Braxton either way. He needed to forge his own path in life and find his own happiness. If this church was where he truly wanted to be, then I wasn’t going to stop him.

We finished lunch and Braxton went back to work. We made plans to meet up that night at my hotel room for dinner and to finish catching up on everything.

Later that Day

I was putting on the finishing touches of my makeup as Braxton knocked on the other side of my hotel door. I glanced at myself in the mirror. I had on a black lingerie ensemble and wore my hair down to frame my face with ruby red lipstick. We hadn’t had a proper honeymoon, just a bunch of sneaking around, so I really wanted tonight to be special.

I opened the door slowly and as I revealed myself, I saw Braxton’s jaw drop. He quickly made his was in and closed the door behind him. Before I could blink, his hands were all over me and before I knew it, we were sprawled out on the hotel bed. That night was the first time I truly felt like his wife. We ordered room service in, and though it was a simple night, it was special.

We woke the next morning to Braxton’s phone ringing around 7am. I felt him rustle for the phone and hit ignore. No less than ten seconds later, it rang again. I grabbed the phone and looked at the screen since Braxton was too groggy to care who it was, and I saw “Community Harvest” light up the screen.

“Braxton, it’s the church. You should answer it.”

“I’m off today. I don’t want to get up. I just want to lay here with you.”

“Just answer it. Maybe they need you for something.”

“Alright, give me the phone.”

He pressed answer. “Hello, this is Braxton.”

I could hear a female voice on the phone talking excitedly.

“Wait a minute. Kayla? Why are you calling me so early?”

My blood began to boil.

“Kayla, where I spend my nights is not any of your business. You woke me up for nothing. You can tell my mother that I’m fine. I was just out having a good time and lost track of time, okay?” he said as he winked at me.

I grabbed my own phone and saw I had a text message from Mrs. Carter that read: “Imani, did Braxton have plans on visiting you? He didn’t come home last night and I’m worried.”

I snorted to myself. She wasn’t the least bit worried about Braxton. She just wanted to let me know that he was out all night and was hoping that it would be a catalyst to get us to fight. I had caught on quickly to her and Kayla’s games.

“I’m not even going to respond,” I muttered to myself.

“What’s wrong?”

I showed him the text. As he read it, I could see his body tense up.

“Imani, I’ve thought about what you said. Let’s go look at houses as soon as we can. I gotta get out of her house. She and Kayla are just trying to destroy our marriage, so let’s make it happen. Let’s find a place and just live our lives independently from all the drama.”

“That sounds like a dream come true to me,” I said with a smile.

I felt at peace for the first time since I’d found out about the pregnancy. There would be no more hiding, separation, worry or anxiety, and we would have a chance to focus on our relationship and our new baby. I was finally going to have my happily ever after.

To Be Continued…

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