Kane:Steele Brothers #5

By: Cheryl Douglas



I was standing outside my wife’s hotel suite, unable to believe what had just happened. I had been sober when we said our I dos and I knew she was too, otherwise I never would have agreed to the ceremony. But now that it was a done deal and we were both wearing gold bands, I couldn’t believe we’d actually gone through it.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, appearing suddenly shy as she tipped her head back to look at me. “Having second thoughts already?”


I should be. I should be begging to have it annulled. But I’d been fantasizing about this girl ever since I saw her at her sister’s apartment months ago. She’d had a boyfriend at the time and I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t get her out of my head.

And now that she was mine, in name only, I couldn’t get the idea of consummating this farce of a marriage out of my head.

She rested her hand on my chest. “Tell me what you’re thinking, Kane.”

Did I have the guts to tell her the truth? The guys I led on my SWAT team said I was the bravest guy they knew, but when faced with the prospect of telling a beautiful woman how I felt about her, I broke out in a cold sweat. Setting one of my hands on the door above her head as I leaned closer, I said, “I guess I’m just wondering how far you want to take this.”

She laughed softly. “I’d say we’ve already taken it as far as we can.” She held up her hand to show off the thin white gold band she’d selected because she loved the etching on it. “Wouldn’t you?”

“Here’s the thing, Mace,” I said, lowering my voice when an elderly couple passed us. “I’m attracted to you.” I inhaled deeply, trying and failing to rein myself in. “I mean, really attracted to you.”

Her blue eyes widened in shock. “Really?”


I was taking a huge leap, but I wouldn’t get another chance to sleep with the most beautiful girl I’d ever met, so why not go for it? I knew there were a million reasons we shouldn’t, including the legal ramifications. Consummating our marriage would mean a divorce instead of an annulment, but if that was the only price I had to pay, I deemed it a small one.

“You can say no,” I whispered in her ear. “It won’t change a damn thing.”

She slipped her arms around my waist. “I don’t want to say no. I’m attracted to you too. I have been for a long time.”

Now it was my turn to be surprised. “Seriously?”

Looking amused, she said, “You couldn’t tell? I flirted with you every time I saw you.”

“I just thought you were friendly.”

She laughed, slapping my chest. “If I were that friendly with every guy I met, I’d have dates lined up for every night of the week.”

Dates. The thought of Macy dating while wearing my ring and signing my last name didn’t sit well with me, especially if we slept together tonight. But this was supposed to be a marriage of convenience, so I didn’t have the right to tell her she couldn’t date, did I? Damn it. We should have set some ground rules before we exchanged our vows.

“I want you,” she whispered, drawing my attention from the men I didn’t want her to see and back to those plump, glossy lips I was dying to kiss.

I took the key card out of her hand and slid it into the slot. “Enough talk then. Let’s do this.”

By the time I’d backed her into the room and the door had slammed shut, she was tearing off my shirt and I was kissing her neck, trying to find the zipper on the little black dress that had turned every head in the place.

“You look so hot tonight,” I murmured against her neck. “I got hard as soon as you walked into the room.”

Brody’s face flashed through my mind. My brother would kill me if he ever found out what I was about to do to the girl he considered a little sister. But even that seemed like a small price to pay when I considered the pleasure waiting for me beneath this scrap of expensive fabric.

“God, I’ve wanted this for so long,” she said, kissing my chest as she pushed my shirt over my shoulders. “This is crazy. I can’t believe I’m really here with you, that we’re really doing this.”

She sounded breathless, and when she dropped to her knees and worked on my belt, she wasn’t the only one.

“Baby,” I said, sinking my hands into her hair as she lowered my pants. “You don’t have to do this.”

“I want to.”

I was so hard, so hot, my head felt as if it was going to explode. I didn’t think I’d been this turned on since my first time. I blamed it on the months of fantasizing about Macy and taking matters into my own hands as I imagined her doing what she was about to do to me.

God, was this another fantasy? A wet dream? Would I wake up only to realize the joke was on me? If I did, what the hell did it say that I’d dreamed about marrying Macy?

As soon as I felt her lips on me, I had to rush to brace one hand on the wall before my knees buckled. I was pretty sure my eyes rolled back in my head as I groaned. I wanted to watch her, but I was afraid of getting addicted to the sight of her on her knees, pleasuring me. I feared from now on, every woman I had sex with would have to be blond and blue-eyed with a body that would prompt Playboy to make her a very lucrative offer.

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