Kane:Steele Brothers #5

By: Cheryl Douglas

“Oh God, Mace…”

She moaned, and I felt the vibration ricochet through me.

“I can’t,” I said, hauling her to her feet. “I can’t let it end like this.”

I backed her up until we both fell onto the plush mattress. I kissed her, pinning her hands over her head as I claimed her mouth in the hottest, most possessive kiss I’d ever experienced. This woman was my wife. This was our wedding night. What. The. Hell?

“God, baby, I need to be inside you.” I wanted to pleasure her in every way I’d imagined, but right now, I just needed to convince myself this was real, that she was real. And there was only one way to accomplish that… by being buried in her tight heat until I was panting her name.

Her name…. Macy Steele. Why the hell did I love the sound of that?

“Kane,” she said, bracing her hands on my chest. “I forgot my pills at home. Do you have protection?”

“Yeah, sure.” I reached for my pants as she raised an eyebrow.

“Always come prepared?”

“Aren’t you glad I do?” I teased before kissing her again.

She wrapped her legs around my waist, and I had to tear myself away to deal with the condom. Even a few seconds without being in her arms felt too long. I was in trouble, falling hard for this girl. Which was a big mistake, since we’d agreed this was a temporary arrangement. And the sex was… a one-time thing? No, I didn’t want to believe that. I knew once I’d had Macy, I’d want more. So much more.

I slid two fingers inside her, watching with awe as she whispered my name.

I couldn’t identify what I was feeling. Possessive. Protective. Just knowing some other guy out there wanted her as much as I did made me a little crazy. To know she’d been intimate with him, that she’d lived with him and worked with him and loved him made me want to scream. To know she was going back to him tomorrow scared me. But at least she’d go back to him wearing my wedding ring. I glanced at the band that sent a clear message to the world about who she belonged to, and I was suddenly grateful I’d suggested it even though she claimed it wasn’t necessary as part of our ruse.

“Kane,” she said, gripping my biceps. “Oh God, you’re gonna make me come.”

That hadn’t been my intent. I’d wanted her to be wrapped around me that first time so I could feel her clenching and pulsing, but I’d just gotten so caught up in picturing the man waiting on her at home, it drove me to pleasure her in a way I knew she wouldn’t forget.

I eased inside her while she was still gliding back down, and the invasion made her gasp. A gasp I absorbed when my tongue tangled with hers. Our mouths were in perfect synchronicity with our bodies, and I realized how incredibly erotic kissing could be with the right partner.

I wanted to last longer, to give her an experience she’d never forget, but within a few minutes, she was coming hard and I was struggling not to do the same.

Knowing her heart was pounding hard and fast, I held her body close to mine and tried to slow it down, but that only made me more aware of the incredible intimacy we were sharing. I’d had sex countless times, even made love to a few special women, but this wasn’t even like that. We were on a completely different playing field.

She wrapped her arms around me, holding me as close as I held her while she threaded her hands through my hair. Our eyes locked, and I knew she was thinking the same thing I was. What the hell is happening to us? It was scary and exciting and exhilarating all at the same time. I made love to her wondering if maybe, just maybe, we could be a real couple instead of pretending.

I finally had to give in for fear my heart would give out if I didn’t, and the release was… epic. Instead of feeling empty, as I usually did after sex, I felt fulfilled. As though I’d willingly given this woman a part of me.

“Wow.” She giggled as she watched me get up to use the restroom. “So that’s what it’s like being married to you, huh? I can’t expect any cuddling after we do the deed?”

After dealing with the condom, I poked my head out of the bathroom door and grinned at her. “Give me two minutes, and I promise we can cuddle all you want, Mrs. Steele.”

Her eyes widened, and I silently cursed myself for being so stupid. This wasn’t a real marriage. She wasn’t in love with me or the idea of me being her husband.

“It just hit me,” she said, resting her palm against her forehead. “I’m going to sleep a different person than I was when I woke up.”

“And that scares you?” I asked, feeling my heart pounding. I suddenly wanted more time to be married to her. Weeks, maybe months, to figure out if this relationship could turn into something real and lasting.

“Of course it scares me!” She sat up, letting the sheet slide down to her waist. “My God, Kane, what did we just do?”

Trying to make light of the situation, I glanced at the rumpled bed. “If you forgot already, I guess it wasn’t as good as I thought.”

To my surprise, she blushed. “I’m not talking about that. Obviously that was amazing. But the marriage thing got me freaked out. Do you know what my family will say if they find out I did this? They’ll lose it. My parents may never speak to me again. You know how religious they are. They believe in the sanctity of marriage. They’ll accuse me of making a mockery of their beliefs and—”

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