Kane:Steele Brothers #5

By: Cheryl Douglas

“So when did you realize you were attracted to me? And please don’t tell me tonight.”

“No.” He shook his head slowly. “When I walked into Riley’s apartment a couple of months ago and found you there with Brody, I felt like I’d been blindsided. It was crazy. I’d known you for years, yet I felt like I was just seeing you for the first time.”

“Maybe because you realized I was finally old enough for you?”

“Maybe,” he said, tweaking my nose and making me smile. “Or maybe you’re just so damn gorgeous I couldn’t deny it even if I wanted to.”

“I’ll take that,” I said, feeling smug. After so many years of crushing on him, it was nice to know he finally reciprocated. Tipping my head back, I said, “You should probably head back to your room. Brody got all of us rooms on this floor, and I don’t want anyone to catch you sneaking out of here in the morning.” Glancing at the clock, I was surprised to see it was almost four, which meant everyone should be asleep by now.

He drew me closer and kissed the top of my head. “Well this sucks, having to spend our wedding night apart.”

I knew he was just teasing, but my heart responded as though he’d meant it. “I’ll make it up to you when we’re back in Nashville.” I was suddenly looking forward to taking him home. I wanted to show him where I hung out, introduce him to my friends and neighbors, and maybe even drag him along to a show if he was in town long enough.

“Promise?” he asked before kissing me.

“I promise.”

“Okay,” he said with a heavy sigh. “Since you’re kicking me out—”

“You know I’d like nothing more than for you to stay,” I said, resting my hand on his back as he reached for his pants.

He smiled at me over his shoulder. “I know, baby.”

Baby. God, this was starting to feel like a real relationship, complete with pet names and shared secrets.

“We’ll have to be careful at breakfast tomorrow,” I reminded him. “Riley said she wanted us all to get together for one more meal before we head our separate ways.”

“I can keep my hands to myself if you can,” he said, winking.

I watched him pull on his black boxers, my eyes trailing over every inch of his hard body as I bit my lip. “I don’t know if that’s a promise I can keep. Especially if you show up to breakfast looking half as sexy as you do right now.” My eyes zeroed in on the bulge hiding beneath the tight cotton.

He growled. “Keep looking at me like that, and I’m gonna crawl back into that bed and I won’t give a goddamn who sees me leaving here in the morning.”

As tempting as that offer was, we couldn’t afford to be reckless. Brody and Riley had enough to worry about with their wedding coming up. I refused to add our impulsive decision to their list of concerns.

“Hey,” I said, reaching for his hand. “Don’t forget to take this off before you come down to breakfast.”

He looked at the plain gold band I’d bought him in the jewelry store next to the cheesy all-night chapel where we’d exchanged our vows. “What if I don’t want to take it off? I’m kind of liking the way it looks on my hand.”

So was I. “Come on,” I said, tugging on the snug ring. “Quit fooling around. Maybe I should take it now, just so you don’t forget to take it off.”

Buying it for him was probably stupid since unlike me, he’d never be able to wear it without inviting questions. But when he’d bought one for me, I felt compelled to return the favor. Seeing it on him now, I was glad I had. Even if I was the only one who ever got to see it on him, it would still have been worth it.

“I won’t forget.” He glanced at the ring on my finger. “How about you?”

I slipped the ring he’d given me off my finger and set it on the nightstand. “There. Happy now?”

“No,” he said, frowning as he pulled on his pants. “Are you gonna wear it all the time when you get back home?”

“Of course. I want Brendan to believe this is a real marriage, right? So why would I take my wedding ring off?”

“Right,” he said, smiling as he slipped on his shirt. “Good point.”

I watched him finish dressing, wishing he didn’t have to leave. When he bent over to kiss me, I curled my hand around his jaw. “See you in the morning, Kane.”

“Yeah. Sweet dreams, Mace.”

They will be now.

Chapter Three


Sitting beside Macy at breakfast and not being able to touch her was driving me crazy. I kept replaying last night in my head, remembering how incredible it had felt to touch her, to do all the things I’d been fantasizing about for months.

“Hello?” Brody said, snapping his fingers in front of my face. “You still with us or what?”

“Sorry, just thinking about a work thing,” I said, shaking my head. It was a plausible excuse since that was usually the reason behind my preoccupation. Never before had it been a blond, blue-eyed firecracker who was suddenly signing my last name. “What were you saying?”

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