King of Campus

By: Jennifer Sucevic

I may not have been fully awake before this unexpected collision, but I certainly am now. My mouth falls open in shock and a fair amount of horror as I watch icy brown droplets course their way down a male t-shirt covered chest.

"Oh my god," I finally squeak. I'm all but dying of mortification as hot licks of embarrassment set fire to my normally pale cheeks. "I’m so sorry." Now would be a perfect time for the sidewalk to crack open and swallow me whole.

Yep... right now.

Right now, damn it.

What makes matters even worse is that he has yet to utter a single word. The last thing I want to do is force my gaze up and actually make eye contact. At this very moment, I’m desperately racking my brain for an exit strategy. Like sprinting away from the humiliating mess I've just caused in the middle of campus. I can hear people laughing in the background. It's like the dull roar of an ocean filling my ears.

Just when I think I might die of total shame, a deep voice finally rumbles, "I generally enjoy when a girl soaks me... but not like this."

I have to shake my head as his words slowly filter their way through my brain.

Wait a minute...

Did he... did he seriously just say that to me?

I have to be imagining the innuendo... right?

Embarrassed or not, my head whips up as my widened eyes snap to his.

Inhaling a sharp breath, it gets stuck in my throat before I pretty much swallow my tongue. If I hadn't already been stunned into silence by the whole god awful predicament now playing out, that face would have totally done me in because the guy standing before me is absolutely gorgeous.

He makes Lexie's boyfriend, Dylan, look like some hideous troll in need of a bridge to hide under.

Tousled inky black hair paired with the most brilliantly vibrant turquoise colored eyes I've ever seen. Frozen in place, I’m unfortunately powerless to look away. As I continue studying the unique hue of his eyes, I realize they hold a knowing smirk.

As if the coal black hair and bright blue-green eyes weren't enough of a showstopper, I can't help but notice that his lashes are long and thick enough to make any woman gnash her teeth in jealousy. High cheek bones and beautiful full lips complete the picture.

Hmmm... that perfect cupid's bow of a mouth looks to be firmly set into a knowing grin as well.

Even though I'm finding it rather difficult to look away from his stunning face, my eyes slowly fall to his wide, strapping chest which is highlighted rather nicely by an incredibly tight fitting red cotton t-shirt that hugs him in all the right places.

As if this guy has any wrong places...

Because, trust me, he doesn’t.

I'm seriously starting to feel light headed over here. Like I need to sit down and put my head between my knees just so I can breathe through this whole ordeal. That’s when I notice the huge brown stain marring that perfectly chiseled chest of his. His jeans, which seem to be riding rather low on his lean hips, are also dripping with my chilled coffee as well.

This feels like one of those horrendous first-day-of-school nightmares that people jolt awake from in an icy cold sweat. Then, once they realize it's nothing more than a terrible dream, they fall back against their pillows in relief.

Except this is actually happening to me.

Which makes it, like, a thousand times worse.

I'm just about to open my mouth and stutter out yet another lame apology, when I hear, "Hey, King, what the hell happened to you?"

Hearing those words thankfully breaks the strange spell that has fallen over me at the sight of him as I blink my eyes a few times before giving my head just a bit of a shake. I’m hoping the movement will somehow jump start my brain into action. That’s when I realize this little incident is drawing a whole lot of unwanted attention. Thank god I'm wearing huge sunglasses that cover my eyes and face. Otherwise this guy would get a good look at me.

Anonymity is the only thing getting me through this moment.

"I-I... maybe I have a napkin in my bag." Not that a napkin or Kleenex is going to do anything to clean up that drippy mess. But it's the only thing I can think of. Other than run away and never see this gorgeous guy ever again. Which is a shame. As I slide my phone into my bag, I start rummaging around in it.

But it's a pit in here. My fingers come in contact with books, a calculator, an extra pair of tights for dance class, a few hair bands (also for dance class), a pair of ballet shoes (yep, you guessed it- dance class), chap stick, hand lotion, sanitizer, my wallet, a protein bar, pain medication, a tampon...

Apparently I have everything except something to help clean him off.

"Don't worry about it, sweetheart."

Well, I have to hand it to the guy... he's definitely taking this like a champ. If someone had spilled an entire drink on me, I'd be pissed as hell.

My eyes lift just in time to see him whip off the snug fitting t-shirt leaving an amazingly bare chest in its place. My mouth instantly dries as my sunglass hidden eyes widen before licking over every exquisite tanned inch of him.




Someone must have chiseled this guy from marble. It takes everything within me not to reach out and slowly stroke my hands over him. Because that's exactly what I want to do.

And maybe lick him as well.

Yes... I definitely want to run my tongue over his lustworthy pectorals.

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