Kobe:Demon Warriors 6

By: Lynn Hagen

Chapter One

Donnchadh grabbed Kobe’s arm in a tight grip, pulling him into an alley as a group of demons came around the corner. They both pressed their backs into the brick wall, waiting for the group to pass them by.

Kobe cursed when he saw that one of the men was Compton. That pompous bastard had tried to kill him the last time Kobe was here. He had tried to get Zion—the man he was here to rescue—to betray Kobe.

He took a step forward, ready to kick the bastard’s ass for giving him a damn beat down when he didn’t have his demon powers, but Donny pulled him back, giving him a warning look as he shook his head back and forth.

“I owe that bitch a few broken ribs and plenty of bruises,” he said in a hiss under his breath. Kobe now had a long scar down his arm from Compton and his little band of assholes. The only thing he wanted to do was repay the favor.

“We are here for Zion. Not to settle a score.”

Who said Kobe couldn’t multitask? All he wanted was five minutes alone with Compton to teach the man some fucking manners. He wouldn’t kill the guy…maybe.

They were deep in the heart of Remtin, a city located outside of Serenity City. The inhabitants were mainly rapists and murderers. How anyone could raise a child here baffled Kobe—although it shouldn’t considering he had grown up in this shithole city. Undoubtedly, it was a place that would give any sane man nightmares.

Fortunately for Kobe, he wasn’t sane.

Remtin was filled with lecherous beings that lived on the streets, stealing and killing at random. Just the thought of Zion being here ate at Kobe. And although the small demon had set him up in the beginning, Zion had shown his true character when he sacrificed himself to save the Demon Warriors.

Although he and Donny had scoured half the city, Kobe still couldn’t find where Raphael was keeping Zion. He wasn’t even sure what deal Zion had made with the demon to secure the Demon Warriors’ safe passage out of here a few days ago.

If the guy had harmed one hair on Zion’s head, Kobe was going to eviscerate the man.

“They’re gone.” Donny moved out of hiding as the two made their way across the street, heading toward some boarded-up buildings. The street was deserted, like it always was. There wasn’t even a soft breeze blowing as Kobe scanned the area.

God, he hated this fucking place.

Kobe had sworn that he would never return to Remtin. There was nothing but bad memories here. He had to fight his way through life before Panahasi had come to take him away for his training. It had been a brutal, insane, and bloody life he had once had, and Kobe wasn’t one to revisit things that gave him nightmares.

Yet here he was again, for the second time in a matter of days.

Donny tapped him on the shoulder and then pointed up. Kobe tilted his head back to see a guy standing on a metal fire escape and knew he wasn’t just standing there admiring the view.

The demon was one of Raphael’s guards.

Kobe knew using his powers to bend the guard’s mind would give him a slight headache, and if he delved too deep, he would get a migraine the likes of which a human had never before experienced.

He had to be careful and just use the power of suggestion to get the man to go inside. If there were too many demons in the warehouse, Kobe and Donny didn’t stand a chance. They had the element of surprise on their side and he wanted to keep it that way.

Holding up a finger to indicate they should wait, Kobe touched his temple, focusing on the demon standing on the fire escape.

Go inside.

He pushed the thought into the man’s head, imagining the guy opening the door and walking into the warehouse. He could already feel a low pulse in the back of his head, but Kobe was determined to save Zion.

Aside from his time as a Demon Warrior, Kobe had never tried to save anyone—not after that fatal night so long ago. Kobe pushed the haunted memory from his mind. It wouldn’t do to dwell on things of his past.

Although one thing had been for certain. He had made sure that he took care of himself on the streets, especially living in Remtin. But going out of his way when the situation wasn’t an imminent threat—like saving someone from a soul-sucking demon—nope, never happened.

Growing up, it had always been about saving his own ass and staying alive. But he couldn’t forget the debt he owed Zion. He would never forget the sacrifice the small demon had made. He had bartered to get the Demon Warriors out of Remtin. Zion had saved them all.

And now it was Kobe’s turn to save Zion.

Donny gave him the universal you better not fuck this up expression as he glanced from Kobe then to the man who was roughly thirty feet above them. Kobe was still the newest member of the Demon Warriors and he hated that his powers had failed once or twice.

The Warriors constantly reminded him that he wasn’t infallible. From what Panahasi had told him, all the Demon Warriors had gone through one or two misfires with their powers…and all had taken shit for it. Guess it’s my turn since I’m the newest.

Kobe tilted his head back and gazed up. The demon had finally walked inside. They had a small window before someone—if anyone else was there, and Kobe had a feeling there was—figured out the guard had left his post. Donny grabbed him and popped them onto the landing. The demon was pretty good at teleportation, but if he took anyone but himself, it weakened the guy.

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