Lacey Temptations:Crave 1

By: Amy J. Hawthorn

Chapter 1

“Welcome to the grand opening of Crave, where inhibitions fade and your passions are realized.” A bright smile, a gorgeous face tanned cinnamon, and green eyes greeted her as she stepped inside the larger-than-life boutique. Low and smooth with a subtle Hispanic accent, the salesperson welcomed Lacey. “My name is Marcos. Please don’t hesitate to ask me or my associate Julie if you need any assistance. It would be my greatest pleasure to be of service.” He held the door open wide for her entrance into the luxurious store.

And wow. All the media hype hadn’t given Crave enough praise. Equal parts naughty, class, and sass, it was a sexually deprived, overworked nurse’s dream come true.

On her first day off in almost two weeks, she’d awakened with a purpose. Her mission was to treat herself. Today belonged to her alone and she’d earned this little shopping spree. In the past two months she’d worked her ass off. Thanks to a ruptured appendix for one coworker and a new baby for another, her department had been desperate. She loved working as a nurse, but every girl needed a treat now and then, didn’t they?

After a painful breakup a few months back, she’d thrown herself into overtime, thankful for something to occupy her mind and her time. While both the distraction and the extra money had been welcome, she was now both physically and mentally exhausted.

Determined to enjoy and pamper herself today, she meant business. She’d earned it, damn it.

She’d found herself at the grand opening of the new lingerie store, Crave. More than just a pretty bra and panty store, it was a one of a kind specialty shop that offered plenty of opportunities to spend her hard earned money. The extravagant store was more like three boutiques under one roof.

The center of the store was filled with the latest styles of seductive lingerie in a rainbow of colors. From beautiful nightgowns in the loveliest shades imaginable to the most sinful and sexy underwear, Crave carried it all in the widest variety of sizes she’d ever seen. There was something destined to make each woman feel her sexiest, no matter her shape or size. She could have spent half the day browsing racks of lace, satin, and silk but she forced herself to stop when her arm grew heavy with her choices.

The left wing of the building contained an adult toy and novelty store. Ranging from the expected and fun to the more extreme and outrageous, again, there was something to be found for everyone. Whether they were a shy beginner or the experienced sex kitten, it was all there and tastefully displayed.

A large bookstore specializing in romance and erotica filled the store’s right wing. Rows and rows of pretty cherry bookshelves filled the space. Her love of books was the one and only vice competing with her love of pretty under-things. Eager to search the shelves, she hurried to try her lingerie on.

She entered the dressing room with two armloads of pretties and a little spring in her step. The extra boost to her spirits alone made the trip worthwhile and the shopping experience was worth every bit of the expense. As she’d made her choices, the staff had measured and catered to her as if she were a pampered princess.

Leaving her door open, she barely managed to set her tote on the oak bench and hang her selections on the hooks without dropping anything. Before turning she released a happy sigh. Soft lighting, dainty furniture, and feminine colors adorned the room.

She couldn’t resist fingering the soft black silk of a bra and panty set as she removed them from the hangers. With no choice but to spend so much time wearing shapeless scrubs at work, sexy underwear was one of the few treats that she allowed herself. If this new line looked and felt half as good as she expected, she’d have to buy a set or two in every available color.

Eager to try them on, she turned to close the door and her gaze collided with the dark chocolate eyes of a tall and striking stranger on the opposite side of the store. Fit and trim, he wore wire-framed glasses that did nothing to hide his appreciation of her lingerie choices. With naughty secrets in his eyes, he relaxed and leaned against a bookshelf. He crossed his arms and settled in as if he had all the time in the world to appreciate the view.

Brown hair so dark, it neared black, fell to broad shoulders in a careless, almost shaggy style. She couldn’t quite tell if it was an expensive cut or a matter of distracted neglect, but her fingers itched to dive in and hold tight.

The glasses said sexy, quiet scholar, but the sharply angled cheekbones and sinfully kissable mouth cried that fallen angels did exist. Her breath caught and her heart skipped a beat when he winked at her.

Embarrassment heated her face as she quickly closed the door and turned to change. Closing her eyes, she leaned her forehead against the wall. Instead of escaping into darkness all she saw was a searing vision of dark chocolate eyes that burned with a command to give into her deepest desires. She released the breath she held and drew a fresh but shaky one in.

Trouble. That man could be nothing but trouble which was the last thing she needed now. She’d sworn off relationships and faced with a specimen that devastating, she knew it would be near impossible for her to resist.

She repeated the new mantra that she’d recently adopted. No men, no drama. She’d given until she had so little of herself left she didn’t know who she was anymore.

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