Law:Scandals, 3

By: Jess Buffett



Five years earlier

Tapping the tip of my pen on the edge of the desk, I impatiently watched the hands of the classroom clock ticking over and over. Our art and design teacher droned on in the front, completely oblivious to the fact that she had lost the class’s attention from the very beginning. With only a week left to not just the school year, but our very high school education, the senior class was just simply biding their time.

Behind me, Dillon drummed a beat to whatever song he currently had stuck in his head, while beside me Zeck kept leering at two giggling brunettes who seemed to be taking turns blowing him kisses and making suggestive motions. No doubt promises for that evening's activities. I had to cover my chuckle with a cough when our teacher finally zeroed in on them and drew the attention of the class.

As for me, well, I was desperate for the period to end so that I could head to the music department. I had the best news of my life to share, a meeting and possible contact with one of the largest record companies in England, and while we were meant to keep it a secret, there was one person I had to tell.

Mister “call me Byron” Patterson.

Technically our music teacher, and quite possibly the love of my life.

Now, I know that people would groan and call me pathetic if they actually heard me say that out loud, but I couldn’t help how I felt. How I had felt, for some time now.

Absently I brought my hand up to fiddle with the dog tags that always hung around my neck, a nervous habit I had had since I was young and one I saw Zeck notice as he shot me a curious expression. I shook my head at him, letting him know silently that I was okay, and I was relieved when he focused back on the two girls in our class.

Dropping my hand down onto the table, I tried not to touch them again. They were the only thing I had left of my biological father, a man I had lost before I was old enough to develop proper memories of him. And it was a dead giveaway to my emotions.

When the bell rang I sprang out of my chair and grabbed my bag from the floor, racing to the classroom door. I could hear Dillon shout out something about waiting up, but I wanted a moment alone with Byron. As ridiculous as it sounded, it could very well be our last day at the school, and I just needed to know if those longing glances and subtle touches were all in my head or something more.

Knocking on the classroom door, my heart stuttered at the open and warm smile I was greeted with. “Well, if it isn’t one of my favorite students. What can I do for you today, Mr. Kolera? Everything okay?”

Making my way into the classroom, I checked to see that it was empty apart from us. “Yeah, absolutely.”

Eagerness raced through me, and it must have shown because Byron looked up from the paperwork he had in front of him again, and cocked his head to the side with a curious grin. “You seem excited about something.”

“Actually, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about.” I quickly shut the door behind me to give us more privacy and then turned back to approach his desk. Byron didn’t seem bothered by any of it, and I took it as a good sign. “We have a meeting this afternoon with a big record label.”

Byron’s eyes widened, and the older man pushed back his chair and came to stand beside me. His face was lit up, and I nearly swallowed my tongue when large arms came to wrap around me in a hug. “What? Seriously? That’s bloody amazing.”

I reveled in the feeling of Byron’s embrace, enjoying the feel of the other man pressed up close against me. I felt my cock thicken in response and had a moment of panic, though Byron gave no indication he noticed.

Overheated all of a sudden, I pulled back and tried to ignore the flush that crept up my pale face. “Yeah. They loved our demo, said we had the right feel they were looking for and want to meet us. Said if all goes well then we could be in the studio recording by Monday, ay.”

“I can’t believe it.”

“Neither can we,” I admitted. We were still trying to convince ourselves that it was real.

“So it all worked out with you and that new kid?” he asked, and I nodded.

While Dillon, Zeck, and I had grown up together, we had discovered Alec after our third audition rejection outside one of our favorite cafes. The kid had been busking after school for a little extra pay, and the moment we heard him, we knew we had found something special. It hadn’t taken much arm twisting to convince Alec to work with us, and since then we had been inseparable.

“Alec? Yeah, he’s a pretty funny guy. He blends well with us, gave us that something we were missing.”

Byron nodded in understanding. “Clearly. I’m proud of you.”

“Couldn’t have done this without you,” I told him, ignoring that fact that I must look like a beetroot right at that moment.

“Yes, you could have,” Byron said with a certainty that caught my breath.

“You really don’t know, do you?” I asked, bewildered at how clueless the man was to his own worth. To me and to the others. He had supported us, encouraged us, and picked us up when we were ready to give up. And he had inadvertently helped me discover a side of myself I hadn’t been aware of. He awoke something in me, and he didn’t even know.

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