Live Without Regret (A Touch of Fate)

By: K.L. Grayson

To my dear friend, Liz Berry. One of the highlights of my trip to Hawaii was getting to know you. You are such an amazing person and I am beyond thankful for your friendship. Thank you for your advice and encouragement, and thank you for taking a chance and reading my books. I am honored to have Live Without Regret featured in 1001 Dark Nights. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

A big huge thank you to Perfect Pear Creative Covers for creating yet another beautiful cover. You know my vision better than I do.

Stacey Ryan Blake, aka the best damn formatter in the world, thank you for making the inside of my books look beautiful. And, thank you for putting up with all of my last minutes changes. You’re amazing and you’re never getting rid of me ;)

Last and certainly not least, thank you to every single one of my readers. Thank you for begging for Brittany’s story. I hope you swooned over Connor just as much as I did. Your support means so much to me and without you and I wouldn’t be doing what I love.

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