Love Chronicles:Love Me, Love Me Not

By: Novia & Mona & Ivy Symone


What happens when your heart is ripped from your chest, but you find love again? What if your newfound love turns your heart cold? Do you give up on love or do you go looking for the love you know you deserve?

After being dumped by her fiance, she's devastated, until she meets Ethan. He becomes her healer and makes all the pain goes away, that is until he makes the pain she fought so hard to make go resurface. She becomes cold hearted and her motto is officially fuck love or is it! Kado wants nothing more then to feel appreciated by his wife Angie. He treats her as a queen should be treated, but yet he has this nagging feeling that she is cheating on him. With thoughts of feeling unloved and cheated on he soon find himself falling out of love with her and a chance encounter with Khali may soon fill Angie’s spot in his heart.

Follow Khali and Kado as they fight to mend their hearts and find true love.

Chapter 1


It had been a long day for Khali, and all she wanted to do was get home as fast as possible so she could pack for her trip to Miami, then relax with her husband. They had been planning to go there for their three-year anniversary, and with Valentine's Day being this weekend she knew it would be the perfect get-away, but that thought went straight out the window the moment she put her key into her front door. She heard their loud moans all throughout the house, and as most women would, she walked quietly to where they were so she could see with her own two eyes what she was hoping to be just her imagination.

Tears instantly filled her eyes as she watched her loving, caring, no good ass, dog of a husband fuck another bitch in their bed, their motherfucking bed! ‘Is this nigga serious?’ She thought to herself. She also thought about going in there and slicing off his dick and making the bitch suck on that, but she knew she didn't have the heart to do it, so instead, she pulled out her phone, made sure the flash was off, then she hit record, after a few minutes she stopped the recording and then turned around and left as quietly as she came in. Khali had to admit the broad was beautiful, even with the ‘fuck face’ but that didn't bother her because if ever compared, Khali knew that she would reign queen of beauty, which is what lead her to wonder why would he cheat.

Khali had no one to call. Her parents never approved of her being with Ethan and she didn't have time for the ‘I told you so, but you don't listen’ lecture, so instead she decided to check herself into the nearest hotel. She couldn't believe he had the audacity to do such a thing to her. It was this very thing that took her so long to even allow him to take her on a date, so why did he do it? Was the million dollar question going through her mind.


Khali had met Ethan five years prior at a party for a friend, she was just about to leave when he asked her for a dance, in which she declined. He wanted her in the worst way so he did anything to get her attention.

He got her gifts, sent flowers, asked her on tons of dates, and she declined them all until one day he was just about to give up when he spotted her sitting outside of a restaurant, crying her soul out.

"Whoa there pretty lady, what's wrong?" Ethan asked her.

"Does it even matter? I'm sure you only want to break my heart too, like all men do," she cried. Ethan was taken aback by her words.

Here she was the woman of his dreams, scared of being heartbroken and he had no idea how to fix it. To see her crying saddened him. Who would hurt such a beautiful woman? He thought. "How about this, instead of me asking you a million questions, and getting no response, you take my number and you call me when you are ready to get this off your mind," he waited for her response. When he didn't get one, he simply sat his card down next to her and hoped that she would one day call.

Months went by and still no call, but a chance meeting at the mall changed everything. Khali was at the mall shopping for her mother a birthday gift when she spotted him in the mall's cafeteria.

"Heym Ethan, right?" she asked.

"Ye,s and you are the beautiful, Khali. I wouldn't forget your name or face. How have you been?” He smiled.

"I've been good actually. Well, since you last saw me," she replied. They made small talk for a while before exchanging numbers and making plans to meet up for lunch. Two years later they married and he promised to never hurt her in any way.


Khali was so fucking angry as she thought back on those moments, and mixed with the song playing on the radio, it only added to her madness. So, she cried all the way to the hotel while singing the lyrics to Seyvn Streeter B.A.N.S.

I should have used protection

Instead of moving so fast

But I'm a sucker for affection

Should have never showed you that

And now I got myself to blame

Why did I let you come in?

I shouldn't have gave my heart away

But I trusted you with it


Niggas be on that bullshit

Having us looking foolish

Can't keep letting them do this

(Bitch ass niggas)

One minute call us baby

Next minute call us crazy

Niggas be on that bullshit

(Bitch ass niggas)

Khali made it to the hotel safe and got herself a room for the night. She had so much on her mind she decided to order up some wine to ease the pain. "I can't believe that son of bitch." she fumed, "He must think I won't leave his ass, probably wanted me to see that bullshit. It's okay, because I'ma show his ass… just watch and see." Khali was livid. How did she miss the signs? How long had the affair been going on? It didn't matter because two could play that game. She decided to get some rest since she still had a plane to catch in the morning. She was going to have a blast in Miami, even without her no good ass husband.

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