Love, Unwanted (Discovering Love #3)

By: Ra Chael Ohara

I saw our future and I was going to fight for it. I could have killed him. I could have put a bullet in him and never felt a lick of remorse over it and I would have if Marcy hadn’t gotten the gun.

I held as much hate for her as I did for Mick until I got a glimpse of the woman slowly dying inside of her. She was going crazy and Mick was behind it, pulling the strings on his puppet and dragging her deeper and deeper.

I didn’t know what I was supposed to say when she told me I loved her. I’m sure any other person would have lied. They would have said anything to get out of that situation, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t lie about my love for Caroline a second longer.

It’s a miracle she didn’t kill Caroline and I both. Actually, no, that’s not right. It was Caroline who stopped her. Even after everything Marcy had done to torture her, Caroline still had a heart of gold.

She didn’t see the Marcy who just had a gun pointed at her not moments ago or the Marcy who just shot Mick. She saw a broken woman, a desperate one, a girl who craved love and never received it. My baby saw an enemy on a ledge, but instead of turning her back on her and letting her jump, she talked her down. She held her and told her it would be okay. I didn’t think it was possible, but in that moment, I fell in love with her a little more.

That’s how they stayed, both rocking on the floor until the police showed up and took Marcy away. Marcy was later sentenced to life in prison for the kidnapping of Caroline and the murder of Mick.

Caroline and I? Well, we started living our future. We could have let those events shape us into different people. We could have let it hold us back from ever really being together, but we took it, dealt with it, and moved on…together, falling more in love with each day that passes.

“Smile, birdie,” I whisper in her ear as the photographer points his camera at us. I know what he sees through his lens—me standing behind Caroline with my arms wrapped around her middle. She looks beautiful today. She’s wearing the most beautiful wedding dress.

We’ve been married less than an hour and I already can’t wait to have her to myself again, to bring her home, not as Caroline Taylor, but as Caroline Castle.

“I’m the luckiest guy in the world,” I say in her ear before placing a soft kiss to her temple. “It doesn’t get any better than this.”

“Honey…I’m pregnant.”


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