Love with Every Beat

By: K.L. Shandwick

Chapter 1 – Speared

The muffled clunk when I closed the trunk of my car was the only sound in the perfect quiet of the campus car lot. My car rocked gently on the back axel, the suspension squeaking a little before settling again. Balancing my guitar against my leg, I slung my bag over my shoulder, clutching the strap just under my arm, and hit the key fob to unlock the car doors. I’d been using the studio during the night to lay down a track.

Looking up at the sky, it was an incredible azure blue and not a cloud in sight. The sun had only been up for a couple of hours, but it was already a stifling ninety degrees in the shade. Pulling a bottle of water out of my bag, I drank greedily from it, but this was disrupted by a high pitched screeching noise of rubber on the tarmac. Jeez.

My head whipped around in the direction of the noise, and I glanced over at the offending culprit who had disturbed my mellow mood. A smirk played on my lips that I couldn’t fight. A tiny Chrysler PT Cruiser swung into the parking space and screeched to a halt. I shook my head in disbelief at the crazy stunt, and ‘Daisy Duke of Hazard County’ flashed across my mind.

Snickering, I just knew it had to be a girl parking that car with so little regard for the tread on the tires. Girls just didn’t think about things like that. My attention was still on the little black car when the female occupant getting out of it caught my eye and confirmed my suspicions about the driver.

Flinging the door open so forcefully it creaked on its hinges, the girl began to slide out of the driver’s seat. It was the way she got out of the car that held my attention initially. She pivoted in her seat, two feet meeting the ground in front of her, and her body undulated as she pushed herself to a standing position.

Admiring her long, pale, shapely legs my attention was now fully on her as opposed to her behavior. She had sexy legs that were long for her height. They had some definition in the calves, as well, but not too much for them not to be feminine. Drawing my eyes up the length of her body, my brain made a quick appraisal, taking in curves, hair, fashion sense, and posture.

My dick twitched in my jeans like I’d never seen a pretty girl before, but there was something about her. When I tried to pinpoint what it was I couldn’t put my finger on it, but hell, to me, she looked the epitome of everything feminine.

Although she was very slender, she was curvy, not too tall, and the way she moved just getting out of the car said a lot about her. She was poised, elegant. Brunette, long dark curls, definitely the kind of girl I was attracted to. There was no doubt about that. The way I was gawping was something alien to me, it felt bazaar. Sure I liked looking at pretty girls the same as the next man, but this wasn’t so much of a wandering eye. Mine were definitely transfixed on her.

Damn! She had the whitest, palest skin I’d seen in like…well…forever. My eyes were already ticking over her again as I began to take in the rest of her body more slowly as my dick twitched and grew harder in my pants. I realized I was objectifying her, and my teeth were grazing over my bottom lip. An instant attraction had formed, and I hadn’t even seen her face.

“Fuck.” The word fell out of my mouth in a hissed whisper. Still staring at her, I exhaled loudly then after a few seconds I realized I had taken another breath but had been holding it. Exhaling this time, it sounded on par with gas escaping from a tire as I fell against the hot metal of my car door and stared transfixed…taking in the sight of her. Moving my guitar case I placed it upright in front of my feet and held the top near my hips.

From where I was standing, I could only see the back of her. She was stretched out leaning into the backseat of her car as if she were reaching over for something. One leg rose cutely as she extended her reach further. The top half of her body had all but disappeared inside, but oh man, the view was still fucking incredible.

The curve of her ass looked deliciously defined in her white crop pants that looked like they had been sprayed on. They completely hugged the contours of her slender thighs and accentuated the globes of her little ass to perfection. Her thick hair reached down to her waist and hung in long dark brown curls.

She straightened upright and flicked her hair behind her shoulders, her off-the-shoulder top exposing more lily-white skin, and her black bra strap peeked out. The combination of the colors she wore; the tight pants, the jade green top, her hair and her skin made her look so eye catching from a distance. She was the type of person who turned heads, women as well as men, and damn if she didn’t get a whole lot more sexy when she pulled out a guitar case.

She juggled with her guitar before pulling her bag strap over her shoulder, while cramming the papers inside, and slammed the door closed with the sole of her foot. She was feisty and cute at the same time when she did that, but she was wrecking that car the way she was handling it.

She looked as if she was struggling with something in her bag for a few moments before she pulled out a piece of paper and began to study it. Her other hand consciously smoothed down her t-shirt as she turned directly into my view.

“Fuck.” I had a feeling the front of her would match the back, but when I saw her face the effect she had on me was animalistic. I can categorically say, hand on heart, I had never seen anyone more beautiful or innocent looking in my whole life. She was a fucking walking contradiction if ever I saw one. A rack built for sin and long legs that I knew would look even better wrapped around my waist or over my shoulders. If that wasn’t enough there was that gorgeous face with those fabulous big blue sparkling eyes of hers that I could get lost in. All that said, it was even sexier that she had a vulnerable look about her. And she was a fucking musician as well. Damn.

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