Madam Cocaina:A Queen Pin's Story 3

By: Fatima Munroe

“Hello Lynn?”

“Yes it’s me.”

“No, I’m not back yet. Listen, I’m giving you Florida.”

“I know. Now you supply the kingpins.”

I nudged Bunzie’s body with my foot. “He decided to step down.”

“No, it’s still $750k a key. You don’t get a discount because we’re…hmm, since you say that, I might think about it. Depends on how good you are,” I chuckled when Lynn offered to do something dirty to me. “We’ll see.”

“I’ll talk to you later. Stop using the L-word, you don’t love me,” I said before hanging up the phone. Lynn thought I was stupid, but I knew better. He was just the means to an end.

Chapter 1

With Bunzie dead, I had time to catch up on a few other things. First and foremost, I had to check up on my babies. I missed Monte Jr., Josefine, and baby Jose something serious. Sabrina’s mother came to her senses while I was on hiatus, and the girls spent their time split between my home in Roswell, and I bought her a house not too far from mine in Maplewood, NJ. Second, I had to do some checking into Montrell’s background and find out if he had any more relatives that might ooze out of the woodwork. I might not have known Monte’s mother Evelyn, but I’m almost positive she didn’t name her son Bunzie. Third, I had to check on my legal businesses to make sure everything was running smoothly. If Josef Borrego thought I was slacking off on the business, he’d haunt me from his grave and I didn’t want those kinds of problems. Last but not least, since I was in South America, I needed to roam the countryside a little. The cartels got wind of my accident, and nobody informed them that I was no longer on my deathbed. Might as well sneak up on these so-called gangsters and see how tough they really were. But before any of that happened, I needed to call the one person whose behavior I questioned the most.

“Hola Josefina! ¿Qué baby? (Hello Josefina! How are you baby)?” Valentina cheerily answered her phone.

“Estoy bien tía Valentina, ¿cómo estás? ¿Estás ocupado? (I’m well Aunt Valentina, how are you? Are you busy)?”

“Oh ¡soy fantástico! No amorcito, no estoy ocupado. ¿Qué pasa? (Oh I’m fantastic! No sweetie I’m not busy. What’s going on?)”

We talked for a few minutes about my babies. Monte Jr. was becoming more and more demanding. It was time for me to go and get my baby, because he was approaching that age where there were things he needed to know as the future King. After we discussed the kids’ tutors, I took a deep breath. I knew I was about to ask my sixty-five-year-old aunt something I really didn’t want to know about her sex life, but my abuela’s voice echoed in my head.

“Valentina, did you know someone by the name of Bunzie?”

Valentina sighed deeply before she answered. “Yes, I knew him. Está muerto ¿no? (He’s dead, isn’t he?)”

“Never mind that. Why didn’t you tell me about him? Do you know who he is?”

I could almost see her nodding her head up and down. “I knew who he was. I knew you would think that maybe since he looked so much like Montrell that maybe I wanted your husband. That wasn’t the case, Josefina. I just wanted some company, that’s all. He was nice, and he complimented me on my looks. I couldn’t tell him how old I was for real, so I decided to bullshit him a little. One thing led to another, and we ended up in the bed together. That Bunzie…whoooweee! He taught me a few things, and I taught him a few things. But if you took care of him, then that’s that I guess,” she finished wistfully.

I tried to snicker quietly, but I couldn’t help it; my aunt said ‘whoooweee’! Bunzie must’ve turned her OUT! “Well had you told me beforehand, maybe we could’ve…” I busted out into laughter while Valentina giggled. “It was that good, Auntie?” I laughed loudly in her ear.

“When you get my age and get you a tender, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about, Josefina,” she laughed along with me. “Now I gotta go find me another one,” she practically mumbled as I wiped the tears from my eyes from laughing at my aunt.


After hanging up with Valentina, I made a few phone calls to get my team started on the hunt for Montrell’s family. I also had them look into my mother’s side of the family because if another one of them decided they wanted to come for me, I wanted to be ready. I called my pilot and had him get my helicopter ready so I could go out and shake a few tables in South America. It was a beautiful August day, so I decided to mingle with some of the locals in Manta. The food alone gave me more than enough reason to stay, and I needed to know if it would be worth my while to do so.

While walking down the road in Manta with my bodyguards evenly spread out just enough to allow me the opportunity to see the sights, I walked along the Malecon (sea front) and smiled at the locals passing by. The police department was on my payroll and knew that if anything happened to me, that was their ass. My stomach began to growl, so I stopped at Las Velas restaurant on the beach to grab something to eat. The hostess wore a friendly smile that brightened as I walked in.

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