Madam Cocaina:A Queen Pin's Story 3

By: Fatima Munroe

After word of Santiago’s death, along with the death of his son, circulated through the provinces, Josef Jr. became the leader of the Hombres, cartel de Dinero y Asesinato by default. Josef Jr. ran the cartel flawlessly; however, he didn’t receive his supply directly from my people. His partnership was with Roberto Dominguez, and I needed to find out why.

“Josef Borrego,” was the only thing I said when Roberto answered the phone.

“¿Tu padre? Él es muerto, ¿no? (Your father? He’s dead, isn’t he?),” Roberto feigned ignorance.

“Tienes exactamente cinco segundos para poner a José en este teléfono o algo desagradable va a pasar a usted y a todo lo que usted en la vida. ¿Hacer yo claro? (You have precisely five seconds to put Josef on this phone, or something nasty will happen to you and everything you hold dear in life. Do I make myself clear?)” I growled into the receiver.

“Espera de Josefina! ¡ UN MOMENTO! Juro en la Virgen ella no tengo ni idea de que estás hablando! (Josefina wait! WAIT! I swear on the Virgin herself, I have no idea who you’re talking about!)” he cried. Maybe he was being serious.

“Poner a su segundo en comando en el teléfono. ¡AHORA! (Put your second in command on the phone. NOW!)” I screamed into the receiver. I heard the phone exchange hands, and a voice vibrated in my ear.

“Quien se trata, hablar ahora o para siempre mantener su pieza eterna (Whoever this is, speak now or forever hold your eternal peace),” the voice spoke in my ear.

“¿Perra eres serio ahora? Sabe usted quién coño soy! ¿Tienes un puto deseo de muerte? Que no hable con La Reina del Imperio de América del Sur como eso! (Bitch, are you serious right now? Do you know who the fuck I am! Do you have a fucking death wish? You don’t speak to the Queen of the South American Empire like that!)” I roared in his ear.

“¿Reina del Imperio Americano del sur? ¿Que coño es eso? (Queen of the South American Empire? Who the fuck is that?)” the voice cackled in my ear. My face and neck immediately became flushed as I sent a text to the bomb squad sitting outside of Roberto’s location, requesting that they brought his disrespectful employee to me. I said nothing as I heard Manuel storm the building and the man scream.

“Josefina NO! Por favor no, te diré lo quiero saber! (Josefina NO! Please don’t, I’ll tell you what you want to know!) Roberto pleaded on the phone.

“Primero y más importante, reportar a Josefina Borrego, para no decirme exactamente lo que puede y no puede hacer. ¿En segundo lugar, ni siquiera sabes lo que quiero saber, ahora de repente usted tiene algo que decir? Obtén la mierda outta aquí con eso! (First and foremost, I report to Josefina Borrego, so you don’t exactly tell me what I can and can’t do. Second, YOU don’t even know what I want to know, now all of a sudden you got something to say? Get the fuck outta here with that!),” I screamed, punching a hole in the wall.

“Josefina por favor! Este es mi sobrino, hijo de mi hermana! Por favor permítame explicarle lo que quieres (Josefina, please! This is my nephew, my sister’s only child! Please let me explain to him what you want),” Roberto begged.

“Si lo pones en el teléfono como que iba a decirme lo que necesitaba saber, tienes suerte de que Manuel no tiene sus bolas atados a mis hélices de helicóptero. Si hijo de tu hermana tenía bolas suficiente para conseguir en el teléfono y hablar mierda caliente para mí, merece lo que recibe. Consigue la cogida de mi teléfono Roberto (If you put him on the phone like he was going to tell me what I needed to know, then you’re lucky Manuel doesn’t have your balls tied to my helicopter propellers. If your sister’s son had balls enough to get on the phone and talk hot shit to me, he deserves whatever he gets. Get the fuck off my phone, Roberto),” I bellowed. Sending Manuel a text to bring Roberto’s nephew Gomez directly to me, I finished bagging up Tasha’s things to take to the church.


Manuel and my team rolled up two hours later with Gomez blindfolded in the trunk. They lifted him out of the trunk and dropped his body on the ground. “¿Oh mis disculpas Reina, esto es donde usted quería o lo quieres para llevarlo en la casa? (Oh my apologies Queen, is this where you wanted him, or did you want us to take him in the house?)

“Tomar la venda primero (Take the blindfold off first),” I ordered, and they complied. Gomez allowed his eyes to adjust to his surroundings before he turned his head in my direction. He looked at the house, and I could see the fear in his eyes. Tasha’s house of horrors was known throughout the continent among the cartels.

“Que... que... ¿por qué estoy aquí? (Who…who…why am I here?) Gomez asked fearfully.

“Estás en la casa de La Reina del Imperio de América del sur (You’re at the home of the Queen of the South American Empire),” Manuel growled in his ear. “Tal vez usted la conoce mejor como Cocaína de la Señora, La Reina de Colombia (Maybe you know her better as Madame Cocaine, the Queen of Colombia).”

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