Madam Cocaina:A Queen Pin's Story 3

By: Fatima Munroe

"Mira puta, ni usted ni este nigga Muerte parecen entender Quién coño soy. Déjame darte una sugerencia sin embargo. La Reina. Eso es todo lo que necesitas saber. Ahora cierra los ojos y rogar a Dios que tiene un espejo de dos vías que está mirando esta interacción todo con alegría, como lo haría si yo fuera él. ¿Si no lo hace, tendrá menos una pieza de libre coño en este muthafucka, entienden? (Look bitch, neither you nor this nigga Death seem to understand who the fuck I am. Let me give you a hint though. The Queen. That’s all you need to know. Now close your eyes and pray to God that he has a two-way mirror that he’s watching this whole interaction with glee, like I would if I were him. If he doesn’t, he’ll have one less piece of free pussy in this muthafucka, understand?)”

I watched the tears pour from her grey contacts as the most feared man in Peru walked through the secret door buried behind the shelves with a huge smile on his face. One look at him, and I knew he was my big brother. “Pido disculpas por la confusión Reina. Ella no significó ningún daño realmente (I apologize Queen. She meant no harm, really),” my brother smirked as I released Samaria from my grip and watched her fall to the ground.

“OK señorita Samaria el asistente personal. Usted está despedido (Okay Miss Samaria, the personal assistant. You’re dismissed),” I combined my directive with a mean eye roll. Samaria didn’t wait for Death to concur; she jumped up and ran out of the room like it was burning down around her. “Entonces, finalmente tengo el placer de conocer al hombre que ellos llaman la muerte del padre. He escuchado mucho acerca de usted (So, I finally have the pleasure of meeting the man they call Father Death. I’ve heard a lot about you),” I spoke first.

“Como te tengo a ti Reina. Ver que Gómez logró convencerlo de venir a Perú para encontrarme (As I have you, Queen. I see Gomez was finally able to convince you to come to Peru to meet me),” he replied as he waved for me to sit down, and I accepted his unspoken request. “Me gustaría discutir este escurridizo polvo Ju-Ju con usted. Gómez dice que su precio es de $800k por clave. ¿No crees que es un poco fuerte teniendo en cuenta que estoy pagando $650k de cocaína pura? ¿Hay alguna manera que podemos llegar a un compromiso? (I would like to discuss this elusive Ju-Ju dust with you. Gomez says that your price is $800k per key. Don’t you think that’s a bit steep, considering I’m paying $650k for pure cocaine? Is there some way we can come to a compromise?)” he asked sincerely.

“Muerte, de ahora en adelante Llámame directamente cuando necesita algo. Cocaína, heroína, marihuana, polvo de Ju-Ju, hojas de coca, llame a mí y yo sólo, no necesito una boquilla para hablar por mí (Death, from now on call me directly when you need something. Cocaine, heroin, marijuana, Ju-Ju dust, coca leaves—call me and me only. I don’t need a mouthpiece to speak for me),” I stated firmly, looking him in the eye.

Death nodded his head, smiling. “No me parecen como el tipo que necesita a alguien a negociar un trato para ella, La Reina. He oído que usted vivió en los Estados y el viaje a América del sur, pero nunca fui capaz de atraparte en sus viajes. Es un honor que usted tomó el tiempo de su agenda, para reunirse conmigo (You don’t strike me as the type that needs someone to broker a deal for her, Queen. I heard that you lived in the states and travel to South America, but I was never able to catch you on your trips. I’m honored that you took the time from your schedule to meet with me),” my brother spoke in awe.

I wanted to tell him who I was, but I wanted to be sure I wasn’t calling a stranger family. At the very least, I could adjust his price per key so that he was paying less that what Thiago paid; after all, Death might be my brother. “Ahora, hasta de negocios. Te puedo buscar polvo de Ju-Ju tan pronto como el próximo envío si es necesario. Y usted está pagando demasiado por droga, voy a noquear le hacia lo mismo que la paga de los cárteles, que es de $300 k por clave (Now, down to business. I can get you Ju-Ju dust as soon as your next shipment, if need be. And you’re paying too much for dope, I’ll knock you down to the same as the cartels pay, which is $300k per key),” I lied. The cartels paid $550k per key, cocaine, heroin and Ju-Ju dust with the exception of Thiago, who paid $450k per key for Ju-Ju dust.

I could tell by the look in his eyes Death was excited, but he chose to play his role. “Gracias Reina. Agradezco tu generosidad (Thank you, Queen. I appreciate your generosity).” We both stood up, and he extended his hand for me to shake. At that moment, I had a great idea on how I could get his DNA.

“Muerte, necesito confiar en los hombres que hago negocio con implícitamente. ¿Usted entiende que, no usted? (Death, I need to trust the men I do business with implicitly. You understand that, don’t you?)”

“Sí reina, entiendo. ¿Cómo puedo demostrar mi lealtad a ti? (Yes Queen, I understand. How can I prove my loyalty to you?)”

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