Madam Cocaina:A Queen Pin's Story 3

By: Fatima Munroe

I smiled deviously. “Muerte, necesito un mechón de su cabello. Antes de agarrar las tijeras, necesito directamente de la raíz con los folículos fijados si se puede. Si eres un hombre honesto, no tienes nada que preocuparte. Si eres una serpiente, luego lo que simplemente pasa. Usted sabe las reglas del juego (Death, I need a lock of your hair. Before you grab the scissors, I need it straight from the root with the follicles still attached, if you can. If you’re an honest man, you have nothing to worry about. If you’re a snake, then whatever happens just happens. You know the rules of the game).”

Death walked around the table and stood directly in front of me. I didn’t flinch as he reached up and yanked a lock of his own hair from his head, and handed it to me. “Reina, espero que esto es suficiente. Si no, dejámosme por favor saber (Queen, I hope this suffices. If not, please let me know).”

I looked at the sample placed in the palm of my hand while he rubbed the patch at the top of his head where he used to have hair. “Esto de hacerlo, la Muerte. Estaré en contacto (This will do, Death. I’ll be in touch),” I called out behind me as I grabbed my purse and headed out of his office. As soon as I reached my vehicle, I picked up my phone and made a call. “Ingrid? Yea, it’s Ju-Ju. Girl, I need another favor. I’ll be in California in a few days, we’ll talk about it then.”


Touching down in California a few days later, I called Deonte and Phoebe to make sure Death received his first delivery on time, even before the rest of the cartels. I had it set up so that Deonte would deliver his personally, while everyone else went through a middleman. Ju-Ju prefers six degrees of separation between herself and everyone else.

My first stop however, was to see Ingrid at C&M Diagnostics. I dropped off Death’s DNA sample and mine as well, not telling her where they came from, but that I needed to know if they were related. As usual, I needed the results ASAP, so I decided to stick around California so that I could have them within 24 hours. Ingrid pushed everything to the back burner when I called, and for that she got a nice paycheck from Josie’s Boutique.

Next, I went to my home in Hollywood Hills. It was time for me to start consolidating my properties; half of them I only bought because I didn’t like staying in hotels when I was in town. Since I still had my condo in West Hollywood sitting empty, I figured I’d sell the house in Hollywood Hills and the kids could all share a room. They were still small anyway.

Walking into the house, memories of me and my late husband flooded my thoughts. As I looked at the Italian leather sofa, I could almost see Montrell sitting there puffing on a Cuban cigar. Turning away to look towards the window, I could picture him standing at the huge bay window overlooking the Santa Monica mountains lost in thought. Attempting to shake him out of my thoughts, I walked into the kitchen where I immediately pictured him licking whip cream off my naked body on the countertop while he held my legs frozen in the air.

Looking down at my wedding ring, I let out a heavy sigh in the still of the house. The good times we shared outweighed almost all the bad times; even with him admitting he’d been with Sabrina in our house, we still had another baby after that. I missed him so much, and it wasn’t just his magic stick that I missed. Monte’s spirit must’ve overwhelmed me because I broke down in tears, finally mourning the death of my husband as only a woman truly in love could. It wasn’t about the other women, nor the betrayal. It was about Montrell, our love that we’d built from the time I was a teenager up until now, when I was nearing thirty. That love wasn’t interchangeable; you can’t just pick up with the next man where you left off with the man that held your mind, body, and soul for over a decade.

Right then and there, I wanted Montrell to wrap his arms around me and tell me everything was going to be ok; he’d snap the necks of any man that crossed me, and whisper in my ear how much he loved me. But I knew that I’d never hear his words in my ear again, and it hurt. It hurt worse than when my Papi died. It hurt worse than when my abuelo and Uncle Alejandro died. It hurt worse than anything I’d ever felt in my life, and the thought echoing through my mind over and over made me hurt even more with each passing minute, adding to my sorrow.

Somewhere I must have blacked out, because I opened my eyes and the sun was setting behind the mountains. I couldn’t put the house up for sale; it reminded me too much of my soul mate. After rinsing my face and getting myself together, I heard my phone ring somewhere in my purse.

“Hello,” I answered, nose stuffy and eyes swollen from crying.

“Ju-Ju? What’s wrong?” Phoebe demanded to know.

“Nothing girl. What’s good?”

“Nothing! Something’s wrong!” Phoebe was becoming upset. “Deonte! Something’s wrong with Ju-Ju!” I heard her yell to her husband. I heard his response before he took the phone from his wife.

“Ain’t nothing wrong that can’t be fixed baby, let Daddy find out what’s going on with sis, aight?” Deonte reassured Phoebe before putting his mouth to the speaker. “Whaddup sis. Who fucking with you?”

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