Miscommunication (What the Billionaire Wants 1)

By: Lila Lacroix

It was two in the morning when Tina finally managed to pause for five minutes to catch her breath. The night shifts were always the busiest, with parents worried about their children in the night, and a lot of false alarms, including some impending mothers worried about their pregnancy. Though she was coming to the end of her shift, Tina was still in the grace period where she was enjoying her placement.

She was sure that she wouldn't be enjoying herself as much when her placements were nearing the end, but for now she was enjoying learning and experiencing events on the ward for herself. Pediatrics was definitely the area she most wanted to expand her nursing experience in.

“Tina!” The attending nurse was calling for her, and Tina spared a moment to rub her painful left foot before she rushed back to the nursing station to find out what she had forgotten to do this time.

The attending nurse was a severe woman who hadn't liked Tina from the moment she'd stepped foot into the hospital. She had only come to introduce herself and some of her colleagues on the ward had warned her about the attending and her penchant for hating the students, no matter what college they were from. Tina had been intent on impressing her, but it hadn't mattered in the long run; the attending nurse had still been less than impressed with anything Tina did, even when it was right.

When she turned up, the attending nurse looked down her nose at Tina and then handed over a list of tasks that had to be done before she could leave in the morning. She was only halfway through the list she had been given at the start of her shift and wasn't looking forward to having to do more, but she knew better than to say so aloud. Clamping her mouth shut, she nodded tightly and clasped the list tightly in her hands, refusing to let the attending know how upset she was. It was almost as though she was seeing how far she could push Tina before she cracked, and Tina didn't know how much longer she could stand it.

Still, there were plenty of things to distract her. She made her way through the intricate maze of corridors and stairwells until she was at the hospital front desk, her next port of call. By the time she reached the reception, her foot was hurting once again, and she leaned against the counter, resting her foot against her leg. She was still massaging her toes when the doors opened to admit a heavily pregnant woman and someone Tina supposed was her husband. She couldn't help but linger on him; his handsome, chiseled features, and the clothes that seemed to accentuate his built body. He was dead sexy, and it figured that someone that hot would be attached.

Tina slipped her foot back into her shoe and immediately approached the pair, who were talking to one of the receptionists. “Welcome to St Anthony’s Hospital, can I help you?”

“This is Mrs. Carter,” the receptionist, Rosie, said. The married title only made Tina's heart sink that little bit more, but she smiled warmly anyway. Her job was all about covering up her own feelings to make the patients feel better, and she was as practiced about that as she was any other part of her job. She clasped her hands together, and tried to look as sympathetic as possible. “She's got some complications with her pregnancy. The doctor has been called.”

Tina nodded and put an arm on the woman's elbow, leading her – and her husband – away from the desk. She made sure they were in an accessible area for the doctor, but not obstructing anyone. The husband was giving Tina a searching look, and she could feel her neck flush with heat at the attention. It wasn't often that someone that looked at his hot as he did paid her attention.

She was pretty, she knew that much, but it had always been the plain and simple kind of pretty – not the pretty that got you noticed wherever you went. Tina liked make-up and making sure that her hair always looked nice, but she was less concerned with making sure she looked exceptionally attractive before she came to work. There was no doubt about the fact that by the time she was done with her shifts at the hospital, she would look tired and emotional, so it all seemed a waste.

The husband's attention didn't wane, even through Tina's explanation. “I'm a student nurse here at the hospital, and I'll be aiding the doctor in any procedures.”

Seeing the panicked look on the woman's face, Tina hastened to calm her down. “That can be anything, from assisting in the pregnancy, to make sure that you have enough tea to get you through.”

The woman let out a watery laugh, though she kept a hand pressed to her stomach and still looked pained. “Thank you.”

Tina nodded, holding the woman's hand as she led her to one of the cubicles lining the ward. “The doctor will be along shortly and then we can find out just what's happening with your baby in there. He's probably just excited to be coming out and meeting his mommy.”

The woman's laugh this time was more genuine. “It's a she, actually, but I appreciate the sentiment.”

Tina apologized, and then grinned. “Any time.”

The curtain was shifted aside, and the doctor strode into the cubicle, reading over the notes on his clipboard. When he looked up, he smiled gently at the woman and her husband.

“Hello, I'm Dr. Kurt. I'll be your attending physician. I can see that you're worried about some complications.”

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