Never Let me Go (Blurring Lines #2)

By: Chloe Walsh

I HAD EXPERIENCED many fucked up nights in my lifetime.

Nights when I’d been shitfaced and had woken up in a pool of my own vomit, feeling more fucking depressed than I’d been before I’d put the bottle to my lips. Nights when I hated every damn person breathing in the vicinity. Nights when I had wanted to die.

The night she was taken from me...

Well tonight was a lot like that night…

Except tonight was worse.

Because tonight felt like everything and its mother was trying to find a way to tear us apart. First Kenzie’s father almost strangled me to death, and then my mother dropped the killer blow. The annihilator.

I was dreaming. I had to be. Caught in the worst mother-fucking nightmare of all time, because I swear to god only my worst nightmares could have conjured up tonight’s events. Mackenzie going on a date with that creep Keller. Mitch beating the shit out of me. Mom announcing Emily was pregnant. Jesus, this was too damn much. I was a senior in high school for fuck’s sake.

Emily’s pregnant. Now you know, Cade – be a man and deal with it.

Goddammit to hell…

“You can’t mean that, Mitch – tell me you’re joking…”

Our parents continued to yell at each other – at me – but I couldn’t hear a damn thing.

I couldn’t see out of my right eye.

I couldn’t fucking think straight.

I had a pain in my chest, but I knew it wasn’t from the blow Mitch had delivered to that area of my body. No, this pain was coming from the inside out. My heart was fucking breaking into pieces and on the outside all I could do was sit on my bedroom floor, frozen to the spot, with my hands hanging loosely around my knees, and drowning in my own regrets. My mind was consumed with the words that had come out of my mother’s mouth just a few short minutes ago.

“Emily’s pregnant. It’s your baby, Cade. Now you know – be a man, and deal with it.”

“She’s lying,” I whispered to myself, chest heaving. I’d never been unsafe with her. Never. Dammit, the last time we’d had sex was month’s ago – before Kenzie came home. I had been religiously careful with Emily – the same couldn’t be said for my time with Kenzie. “She has to be.”

How was I supposed to do that when Mackenzie was my entire life? How did I explain that she gave me a reason to breathe – that when she was taken I’d lost my reason and her return had brought that back?

She was everything for me.


I couldn’t give her up again.

Not for Emily or… or for the baby.

Now what the hell kind of man did that make me?

“I don’t want you next to or near my daughter again, Sharon. Not after how you spoke to her.”

“I didn’t mean it – Mitch, you can’t be serious…”

“Go play house with Emily and your grandbaby. My daughter is my priority.”

My mind furiously tried to date a time in the past few months that I’d been with Emily, and I couldn’t fuck think. Jesus Christ I couldn’t think straight.

I could hear my heartbeat hammering in my ears.

My legs were shaking.

She couldn’t be pregnant. It was fucking impossible. Hell, I would’ve noticed… wouldn’t I?

I didn’t want it to be true.

Jesus, please don’t let this be true.

And then I thought about Emily’s reaction to Kenzie coming home and I guess it made sense. If she knew she was pregnant back then, it made sense for her to behave in such an irrationally jealous manner. But fuck…

My mother said in a little over five months… Shit, that made Emily what… sixteen weeks? More?

My heart sank.

“I trusted you, Cade,” I heard Mitch snarl, breaking me from my reverie, and I cast a glance in his direction.

He looked as broken as I felt.

“I trusted you,” he repeated, voice haggard. “And you abused that trust – you abused her…”

“How?” I demanded, suddenly furious at being told I somehow abused Mackenzie by loving her and giving into her every fucking need. Jerking to my feet, I wiped the blood that was trickling from my mouth away with the back of my hand and glared down at where my stepfather and my mother were siting on the floor.

“How the hell can you say that with a straight face,” I roared. “I LOVE her. I’ve been LOVING her my entire fucking life and you know that.”

“How the hell can I think any differently, Cade?” Mitch replied in a furious tone of voice. His voice grew louder with every word he spoke. “You took her to bed. My daughter,” he spat. “Mackenzie doesn’t understand a damn thing about a man’s intentions – how could she, after what those bastards did to her – but she trusts you. And you took her trust and used it for your own selfish needs.”

The blood drained from my face. “Is that what you think?” I spluttered feeling physically wounded. “You think I’m like those men?”

“No, I don’t think you’re like those men,” he snarled. “I think you’re worse.”

‘That’s not fair,” I choked out. “I tried to stop. I fucking didn’t mean to…”

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