No Exit

By: Lena Diaz

She couldn’t help the bitterness and hurt that had crept into her tone. All her life she’d thought Brian loved their grandfather as much as she did. But instead of helping her find Grampy after he went missing, Brian was fighting to have him declared dead so he could cash in on the estate.

“I don’t know any Brian or Angela. But someone is definitely after you.” Tall-­Dark-­and-­Deadly closed the distance between them and leaned down as if to pick her up again.

She jumped back and clenched her fists in front of her, steeling herself against the throbbing in her right arm. “Touch me and I’ll kick your balls all the way up to your throat.”

This time it was his turn to blink in surprise. His mouth tightened into a hard line, making her immediately regret her rash words. Angering a man with a gun was never a good idea.

Rushing to fill the tense silence, she said, “You keep saying ‘they’ and ‘someone.’ You’re here to protect me, right? Someone other than my family is after me? They want to hurt me? Or maybe you got the wrong house, the wrong person.” She latched on to that last thought with the desperation of a skydiver clawing for the secondary chute when the primary failed.

He shook his head as if she were daft. “They don’t want to hurt you, Miss Hightower. They want you dead.”

She sucked in a sharp breath, the certainty in his voice and the emphasis on her name telling her there had been no mistake. A renewed stab of fear shot straight to her gut. “Why are you so sure?” she whispered.

“Because I’m the one they hired to kill you.”

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