Paradise Fought: Abel

By: L. B. Dunbar

I needed an invitation to be on the list when the call went out, when a time and a place were announced for the fights. It was always unplanned, always unpredictable, and I needed a way into the circuit circle. Abel was going to be a problem. It turned out he was in my class: Human Anatomy 101. It was a science requirement for me. Abel said he was getting a degree in Kinesiology, so this was an elective for him. He sat next to me, pulling out a pen, a notebook, and his iPad. I watched him as he straightened and realigned items, which weren’t out of order. His legs were stretched out under the desk, and one bounced uncontrollably. He sat back in the auditorium seat, but he didn’t look casual. His hands fidgeted while the pile remained perfect. I placed my hand over his to halt his movements.

“Relax,” I commanded. At the same time, I touched him, I saw Thor enter the auditorium style classroom. Theodore Thurston. His name held power as he was the son of some government official in central California, but that held no weight in the fighter rings around Preston University. He majored in underground fighting, despite his political science course of study. Thor was carving a path for himself and he was going to be my ticket. I needed to get close to him, in order to make that coveted secret list. I was hopeful he could connect me with a fighter, if not be the fighter, I desired.

He took a seat in the middle row and instantly girls surrounded him. Abel traced the line of my stare. He sat up straighter in his seat.

“You like him?” he said with a nod in the direction of the dirty blond, six-two structure that sat like he owned the row of chairs around him. Hell, he leaned back like he owned the damn room, which according to rumors of wealth, he might have. He defined casual.

“He’s good looking,” I said, trying to play it off, but my eyes didn’t lie. I continued to stare. Thor was attractive. He was solid, muscular, maybe a bit too much for my taste, but this wasn’t about me directly. I needed to learn what happened to Montana.

“What’s good looking about him?” Abel asked, beginning to tap his pen against his notebook. “He looks like a schmuck.”

I snorted softly. “Well, girls don’t go for him for his brain.”

“So that’s it? Size matters. You’re interested in his…” Abel motioned over the zipper of his jeans. It forced me to look at his crotch. Suddenly, I had an image of what he might have under his clothes. He was tall, actually. Probably taller than Thor, but Abel was leaner. If our human anatomy class proved anything, it might clarify that a taller man had to be proportionally adept.

I blushed as Abel caught me staring at his zipper region, just a little too long.

“Well, it’s not his size I’m interested in either, although if that’s what it takes…” My voice trailed off as I realized I’d said too much.

“If what’s what it takes?” Abel questioned with an edge to his voice. His blue eyes darkened.

“Never mind,” I mumbled.

“No, tell me,” Abel demanded, leaning across the small writing platform and facing me. His elbow rested on the desktop, suddenly shielding my view of Thor and some brunette, who was laughing a little too loudly at something he said.

“I need to get where he goes,” I hinted, thinking there was no way a person like Abel would know what I was referencing. The fights weren’t a secret, but they were hidden.

“The underground?” he responded, surprising me.

“Shhhh…” I said looking over my shoulder. “Yes,” I answered quickly then glanced back at Abel.

“Hhmmm,” he replied, sitting back and staring across the rows at Thor. His eyes narrowed as he studied Thor for a moment.

“I know someone who can take him.”

I was surprised again. “Really? I heard Thor’s the best, and I’m counting on it being true.”

“Why?” Abel asked, turning toward me again. His eyes studied me this time. I wasn’t ready to respond, though. I’d already said too much and Abel had already done enough. I’d owe Abel and I needed cash to pay him back for the tuition save. I was going to kill my mother. Thor was even more important to my mission. When I didn’t respond, Abel spoke again.

“Heard there’s a new fighter this season. Someone who’s fast, knows how to move.”

“Uh, well, he better be big, if he’s going to beat Thor.”

“So size does matter?” he chuckled.

“In this case, yes.”

“Too bad. Heard we’re going to learn in this class that taller guys have longer…” He motioned to himself again. I had to laugh. This made people turn in our direction, and I realized I had become the girl who was laughing a little too loudly, at the wrong guy in the room.

When Elma laughed, my dick pulsed. Wonder if they’d be teaching us that physiology in human anatomy? I didn’t really need the course. This would be an easy A for me. I understood the control of body and the strength to clear my mind, but I needed an elective course for my degree. Kinesiology: the study of bodily movement. It was something I’d been working on since high school. Something I focused on as I entered the gym.

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