Paradise Fought: Abel

By: L. B. Dunbar

“Yeah. I’m not feeling this party,” I replied, looking around at the nameless people in the small space. I didn’t do well in small spaces either.

“Didn’t you workout?” Creed questioned, his gray eyes narrowed on me, knowing the answer to his question. “Let’s get you something to drink.”

“That’s what I was going for when….” My words faltered. My thoughts drifted as in walked Elma Montgomery, looking even more so like my nightly dream. She wore a short skirt with a fitted shirt, and every curve of her body hollered for attention. Her long blonde hair was curled and bounced as she entered the room. In response to someone’s comment, her laughter rippled sound waves straight to a body part that should not stand up at attention in such close quarters.

When some guy looped his arm around her waist, then ran it across her ass as he stepped away to get her a drink; I bristled. Elma didn’t flinch but I saw the slight stiffness as she attempted another laugh to cover the awkwardness. Without thinking, I stepped forward while she waited by the door, and the guy neared the counter.

“Hey, Elma,” I said, trying to sound cool, natural.

“Abel?” she squeaked, looking side to side and straightening off the doorjamb. “What are you doing here?” she asked, looking to her left again as if someone might see her talking to me.

“It’s a party.” I tried to be casual, but her embarrassment was beginning to show, and it was upsetting to me.

Her eyes travelled up and down my body. My reaction couldn’t be helped. It responded in kind to the scan of those blue eyes. My jeans tightened further.

“What happened to your shirt?”

“Oh,” I said looking down, and wiping at the wet spot “I bumped into some girl.”

The random guy returned and offered Elma a drink. As she took the cup, I eyed it.

“Do you know him?” I asked, my voice accusatory.

“Excuse me?” Elma’s lids blinked in confusion

I nodded in the direction of the senior who stood next to her, taking a sip of his drink. His eyes narrowed at me over the white rim of the red plastic.

“We’re getting acquainted,” he replied after he took a pull from his cup. Elma was raising hers with a smirk when I reached for it and yanked the cup out of her hand.

“Hey,” she screeched.

“What’s in this?” I asked, staring down the guy whose expression changed from guilt to anger in an instant.

“Back off, man. Get your own girl,” he said lowering the glass.

“I have one.” I nodded in the direction of Elma, whose mouth fell open. Staring in disbelief between the gorgeous blonde he wanted and me, the randy guy was suddenly upset that Elma wouldn’t be the one getting him off tonight.

“Tease,” he muttered, as he shook his head and raised his cup for another drink.

“Excuse me?” My throat rolled.

“Abel,” Elma warned.

“I said. She’s a tease.”

My arm shot out. Gasps were heard. My fist landed on the plastic cup and alcohol sprayed everywhere. I saw his hand rise, but I was pulled out of the way as the swish of air brushed past my ear. Elma had rolled her body around the doorjamb and was dragging me down a narrow hall.

“You pussy,” a deep voice followed us, and I tugged back on Elma to return to the potential fight.

“No,” she hissed and continued to yank on my arm, leading me into a bedroom before slamming the door and twisting the lock.

“What the hell do you think you were doing?” she accused.


“You ruined everything.”

I stepped back. Her words were a punch to the gut.

“I’m sorry,” I muttered, lowering my head in shame, as I’d often done in the past.

“Don’t be sorry,” she demanded then let out a huff of air in exasperation. “I just can’t…”

“Do you even know what was in that drink?” I looked up at her.

“I don’t care,” she sighed.

I stepped toward her.

“Well, I do.”

We paused for a moment. A stare down ensued, but I was taller than her, towering over her. She breathed heavily, like she’d been the one ready to fight.

“Why do you care?” she asked, the edge coming off her tone.

“We have an agreement.” I couldn’t give her more than that.

“An agreement?” Her voice faltered; her head tilted like she was thinking. “I didn’t agree to anything.”

“Yes, you did. I paid for a tutor.”

“You wha…” Her eyes opened wide. “You don’t own me now.” Her voice cracked as bitterness filled it again.

“I don’t want to own you, Elma.” I stepped back from her as she crossed her arms in defense. It was a bad move for her, as it pushed her large breasts upward and my body strained. My dick was struggling for release against my zipper. I was turned on by her presence more than I’d ever been wound up in a dream of her.

“Look. I appreciate what you did. I owe you. I get it, but maybe we need to establish some ground rules.”

“Rules?” I questioned.

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