Passionate Betrayals

By: TN Jones

“I honestly have no idea. I can only speculate,” he said, as he tied his shoelaces.

“Well, don’t leave me hanging. What you think?” I questioned him.

“There’s a lot of sexual harassment going on, a lot of public display of affection, or it could be them damn cartels,” he stated calmly, while looking at the floor.

“Well damn,” I uttered as I tugged on my pants legs.

We heard Agent Larson coming, and we all scattered like roaches. There were agents sitting at their desks, looking busy, trying to stay out the she-devil’s way. I decided to duck off in Janice’s office. I hoped that Agent Larson wouldn’t come in there with that bullshit. She was a total asshole for no reason. I swore she needed to be dicked down before she came to work. The way she acted was a damn shame. I didn’t want to be bothered with the fuckery. I wasn’t prepared for Janice to act nasty upon me coming in here office space, but I guessed that’s what I got for being the same way towards her.


It’s 9:30 a.m., and I was up thinking about that disturbing phone call. I supposed to be under the bed sleeping, since Tuesdays are the days I didn’t go to my shop. Instead, I was up wondering who in the hell was threatening me. I made all the necessary calls that I had to; there was no way in hell any of my skeletons were coming out the closet.

I had to stop thinking about the shit, so I focused on Dennis. I needed Dennis right beside me to make my mind stop thinking. With that thought, I grabbed my cell phone and decided to call him. Dennis Wilkerson was thirty one, an architect, six foot three, with a low haircut, big bright smile with sparkling white teeth, hazel eyes, and a great sense of humor. He put me in the mind of Idris Elba, excluding the hazel eyes. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate; I love me some chocolate. Upon the thought of Dennis, I started drooling out the mouth. When he answered the phone, he took my breath away by singing, “Good morning, beautiful.”

“Good morning handsome. I hope I didn’t disturb you too early,” I said, smiling and twirling my curls. I felt like a schoolgirl in love for the first time.

“No baby girl, you didn’t disturb me. I was thinking about you also. I didn’t want to disturb you,” he said sincerely.

“Awww. You should’ve called me. If you are thinking of me, send a text or call. You know I am going to answer, regardless of the time.”

“I will from now on out. I want to know are you free next Friday to meet me in Memphis, Tennessee for the weekend? I have a client that is seeking an architect to build them a house.” There was a smile so bright on my face, I could barely say yes.

“Yes, I can meet you there. I have to tweak my schedule a little bit. I have some things I have to settle for my sister. I can start that today,” I said happily. Hell yes, I could make time for him, I thought, smiling. It’s nothing to rearrange my schedule for love.

“Great. Do you want to fly out or drive?” he asked.

“I’ll drive. It’s only nine hours and fifty-five minutes or so. I would like to do a little sightseeing while I am out. It has been six months since I been out of South Carolina,” I said anxiously.

“You love to sightsee, so I have a great sight for you, my darling,” he said mischievously.

I laughed and said, “You don’t have a lick of manners at times, you know that?”

“Not when I got you on my mind and in my presence. Let’s get off that subject, because we are not around each other. When are you going to introduce me to Janice and Domic?”

“We can talk about that next weekend when we are face-to-face.” In all honesty, I was nervous about introducing him to Janice, because she was going to say he wasn’t good enough for me, and that was the main reason I didn’t tell her.

“Okay. I am going to hold you to that. I am looking forward to spending time with you, love. I got a new client meeting me in an hour, so I better get off the phone and get ready to meet him. I love you, Nicolette,” he said sweetly.

“I love you more. Good luck with the new client. Call me whenever you think about me, sir,” I cooed into his ear. We hung up the phone after we blew air kisses to each other. I loved that man. He and I had been through hell and high water. I guessed I had to tell Janice about him, but it wouldn’t be until I came back from Tennessee. She wouldn’t ruin my weekend with Dennis. She had good intentions, but at times, she could overanalyze things. That was the only thing I didn’t like about her.

I looked at the time on my clock and jumped out of bed. I had some errands that needed my attention, before I lounged for the rest of the day. I walked into my bathroom and turned on the shower. As I let the water run and build up steam, I walked to my closet and decided to put on a thick-strapped red shirt, denim pants, and my red low top Chuck Taylor’s. I kept it simple; no need in dressing up for errands. I was sure it was hot as hell outside, but I knew wearing shorts wasn’t an option. I hate mosquitoes, and I didn’t have time to be scratching my legs as if fleas were on them. I was ready for fall to approach, and I had one more month left to welcome it. I could finally put both middle fingers up to mosquitoes and heat.

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