Passionate Betrayals

By: TN Jones

“Who is the person you are fucking?” I asked him through clenched teeth. He laughed hysterically. He didn’t have the audacity to deny the allegations.

“Have a great day at work, Janice. We both have a lot on our plates with those cartels and the supposed connect coming into town,” he said sharply, as he turned back towards the back door. I was speechless; I couldn’t believe what the fuck just took place. He has been nasty before but nothing like this. As I walked out the door, I had to talk my tears from running down my face. Joshua had never treated me like this when we were dating, I thought. I never had the pleasure of knowing what this feeling was that I possessed.

On the way to work, I stopped by a grocery store to retrieve lunch and snacks for work; it was stake out day so I wanted to be prepared when my stomach growled. As soon as I walked through the door, I heard my name being called. I turned around to see a dark-skinned, tall man, waving his hands, with a simple smile on his face. I walked over to him with the expression of “I know you, but I don’t know your name” on my face.

“Hey, Janice, how are you?” the man said amiably.

“I’m fine. I know your face, but I don’t know your name,” I replied honestly; I knew the man because I met him through Domic, but I couldn’t quite put my fingers on his name.

“I’m John, Domic’s friend or supposed to be friend, whatever you want to call it,” he responded sarcastically. At that moment, I was very fond of who John was. I met him when I first started dating Domic. When I first met him, he stood six foot two, roughly a hundred eighty pounds, and had a stubbly moustache and goatee. John had innocent, medium-sized brown eyes, a genuine personality, and a great sense of humor. Now seeing him after two years, the only things different about him was that his eyes weren’t innocent anymore, and he was muscled from upper to lower torso. Even his personality didn’t seem genuine like before.

“Oh! Hi John, how are you?” I asked, ignoring the nasty tone in his voice. I extended out my arms to give him a hug, but he didn’t take the kind gesture, so I put my arms down by my side.

“I’m better since I returned from prison,” he growled. Domic did mention something about John being sent to prison, but he never said why.

“How long have you been out?” I questioned, trying not to be nosy.

“A week now,” he stated smoothly.

“You been out a week and you haven’t come by. May I ask why?”

“You need to leave Domic alone, before you end up like me or worse,” he said coarsely, as he walked off. I walked behind him and pulled his arm, so that he would be facing me.

“What does that mean, John?” I asked quietly.

“Let’s just say, your man isn’t who he say he is. You’d better get out of that relationship while you still can. Are you and Nicolette still best friends? If so, tell her I said hey and I miss her. Are you still working as a DEA agent with Domic? Is Agent Larson still y’all boss? Tell everyone I said hello. Make sure you keep in touch, okay? It was nice chatting with you, Janice.” he laughed as he walked away.

His actions and statements blew my mind. I wondered why in the hell he was asking me all those questions. As I walked to the deli side of the grocery store, I was dumbfounded as I rehashed the entire conversation that took place between John and me. I was even more eager to learn why he was sent to prison. I wanted to know more from John, but I didn’t get his number.

“Oh my gosh, did you see John?” I heard someone say as I approached the deli. I tried to figure out who said it, but it was apparent it came from another aisle. I wanted to hear more on the story about John. His behavior struck me as odd.

“Yes, I did. He just got out of prison,” a silky voice spoke. The people speaking about John became clear, and I was able to see the two gay males talking. I became completely still so that I was able to hear more. I didn’t acknowledge them, because I wanted them to continue talking.

“He did two years for some dope shit that went down. Word on the street was his friend set him up. What’s his name...umm...umm...damn, bitch, what is that tall, sexy chocolate, dude’s name that John used to be with all the time?” one of the gay males asked his friend.

“Uh, his name is Domic. He’s the DEA dude,” the other gay guy replied, as he smacked his lips in between every two words.

My heart sunk and a small sound escaped my mouth. Could it be true? I thought. I knew that John was acting different and saying some sarcastic things, but I highly doubted that Domic set him up. On the other hand, anything was possible with Domic—especially since he had been acting weird lately. I wanted the two guys to continue talking, but they started talking about Club Kigeni. I blew air out of my mouth because I was disappointed that they didn’t continue the conversation about John and what happened.

After I purchased my food, I walked to my car. I noticed a white piece of paper on the windshield. I ran to my car and grabbed the paper. I unlocked my car doors and got in the driver’s seat. I opened the paper and read the contents: If you ever want to talk about anything and I do mean anything. You are a DEA agent. You will be able to find me. Use that title to your me, you can get a lot done by using that title. Just ask Domic. He knows how to take advantage.

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