Passionate Betrayals

By: TN Jones

Reading that note sent chills through my body. I didn’t know why, but it did. I tucked the note into my bra, started the car, and headed towards the building of hell. What in the fuck has Domic done and what is he still doing?, I questioned myself the entire time I drove to work, upon walking into the building, getting on the elevator, and as I clocked in. I couldn’t imagine him doing anything untrustworthy to his friend and misusing his badge. One way or another, curiosity got the best of me, especially since John mentioned things that struck me odd—very odd.


I sat in an unmarked Crown Victoria, thinking and staking out a house I noticed Domic walking out of a house next door to the one I was staking. I wondered what in the hell he was doing there. I wanted to question him, but I couldn’t risk someone seeing me. The last thing I needed was for my cover to be blown. It was best to wait until I got home to question his ass. Twenty minutes after Domic left, I decided it was best to leave my post, since the house I staked didn’t have any activity going on. While I drove, all types of questions appeared in my head. I couldn’t answer one question, but Domic surely could. I didn’t want a feud between us; I just wanted him to be honest with me and stay consistent with being open with me.

When I finally made it home from the office, I was surprised that Domic was there. I was ready to question him about his appearance on the west side. I knew he didn’t have an assignment to be out there to ask questions. I didn’t say hello or anything when I walked through the front door; I walked straight to the kitchen, where I knew he would be. He was sitting at the kitchen table writing, and I laid the question on his ass.

“Domic, whose house did you leave from today on the west side?” I asked coolly.

“I was at the office today looking into the cartel,” he lied.

“I saw you leaving 434 Waters Street, and that clearly wasn’t our working office, honey. So, I’m going to ask you again. Whose house did you leave from today?” I questioned nastily.

“Janice, it was an informant’s house,” Domic responded sharply, as he continued to write and not look at me.

“Why didn’t you just say that from the beginning, Domic? You keep forgetting that we both work at the same place and on the same floor.” I said, as I took a seat at the kitchen table and crossed my legs. I wanted to bust his butt about an informant, but I kept my mouth closed.

“We aren’t supposed to talk about the case, remember? You and I are on two different cases. You’re handling the MWM cartel, and I’m handling the Smiley cartel. Do I ask you questions about your case? No! Because I know you are not allowed to give me any information,” he stated in an agitated tone. Not one time did Domic look at me while we conversed with each other. I wanted to slap him hard, but something inside of me told me not to.

Sometimes he could be the sweetest man I ever met, and then other times, he was a pure asshole. I swore he turned into a different person every three months; that shit worked my nerves. I had to take the good with the bad when it came down to him. I had to stop making excuses for his behavior and figure out what he had going on, because he was downright nasty at times for no reason. I didn’t know how we ended up in a relationship in the first place. He was not my type at all—he was arrogant and corny, but he was intelligent. Super chocolate men were not my thing, but he had the prettiest white teeth, and the sexiest build—athletic, low haircut with jet-black hair, medium brown eyes. All two-hundred ten pounds were all in the right places. Somehow, I allowed him to impress me with his selfless ways. Before I knew it, I fell head over heels for him. A part of me felt guilty because I still loved my high school sweetheart, Joshua; not to forget, I thought of him daily. Now I knew why I couldn’t stop thinking about Joshua, because that so-called man of mines didn’t appreciate what he had in front of his face.

“Okay, Domic. I don’t want to argue with you. What do you have planned for tonight?” I asked him softly.

“I got work to do. Don’t you have some work of your own to do?” he asked wryly. He had the nerves to have a smirk on his face, and that smirk caused me say what had to be said.

“You know what, Domic, I am tired of the disrespect and the nasty tone. What in the fuck is really going on with you? If you don’t want me; then just say so, and I can get on with my life, dude,” I said angrily. How dare he talk to me in that manner? I didn’t do a damn thing for him to act that way towards me. I was a good woman, and I wished that he would see that, but after six years, his ass couldn’t see shit.

I guessed it was time for me to investigate what he really was doing. It was one thing for John to say something about leaving Domic, and another thing for Domic’s blatant disrespect towards me repeatedly. I felt that he was on some shady shit, so before I accused him, I had to have the evidence present. Things didn’t add up to me. How he was so nice in the beginning and turned out to be a complete asshole amazed me. Six mutherfucking years and I was on a roller coaster with Domic, so I needed to know why. I wanted to know why he treated me like shit at times, and other times I was the one he loved to the moon and back. I knew one thing; I was the last person he wanted to fuck over.

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