Passionate Betrayals

By: TN Jones


As I sat there listening to Janice rant and rave about how good of a woman she was, I kinda felt bad about the way I treated her lately. She was a good woman, but I had some things going on that had me in a sour mood. I couldn’t look her straight in the eyes, because I knew I was an asshole. I couldn’t explain my behavior; I just couldn’t form the words right. I didn’t like to be questioned; that would definitely set me off. At the moment of hearing Janice go on and on with questions, I realized that I missed Carli like hell. I missed our conversations and looking at her physique. She had qualities that models possessed: a bright smile with perfect white teeth, she was five foot six, and weighed a hundred seventy-five pounds. Her round and sparkly greenish-gray eyes, complimented her dark skin. Carli had a medium-sized ass that sat up like a ripe peach, D-cup sized titties, and naturally long curly hair. Regardless of what I had going on, Carli was my go-to person. No matter the amount of women I had on my team, she was the main one I relied on. I damned sho’ hate I messed things up with her. If only I could turn back the hands of time, I would’ve done things slightly different.

When I first placed eyes on Janice, I couldn’t lie, lil mama had my dick on beast mode, and I wanted to bend her over and place all eight and half inches of my dick inside her. She stood at Agent Larson’s desk looking nervous and beautiful. Janice stood five foot seven, with a medium-brown skin tone, big titties, thick thighs, nice round ass, and juicy lips. She had a beauty mark on the corner of her left upper lip, and innocent, medium-sized, slanted, light brown eyes. I wasn’t ashamed to admit that I was going to beat that pussy up and have her begging for more. Not only did I wine and dine her, I actually enjoyed the gentleman’s card I played. I started entertaining the thought of her and me together. When I realized that having numerous women wasn’t the thing, I settled for two women. I couldn’t cut Carli off until I knew that things between Janice and me were solid. I told my best friend, John, about the two of them, and all he could say was to choose wisely. He and I had numerous conversations about them, but only one stood out to me the most.

The conversation that I had with John had me tickled, because it was about the hoeish me, before I knew Janice. One day, I decided to go over John’s house, because I needed to blow some steam off that day. I had both of them broads on my mind strong. Janice wanted to get to know me, but she kept pulling away, and Carli was pissed at me for something I said to her.

“Bro, why are you staring off into space?” John asked me.

“Just thinking about this new agent that was transferred and Carli, bro,” I answered him in a calm manner, while scratching the back of my right ear.

“Yo ass thinking about smashing and leaving the new agent, huh? What are you going to do about Carli, because this new agent got your mind fucked up?” he questioned, while he laughed.

I looked at him and smiled, because that guy knew me better than my mother did. “I think it’s going to be hard to get that pussy, man. She’s one of those goody-goody girls. I got to pull out the gentleman’s card. As far as Carli, I’m going to let her go,” I stated, with a wicked smile on my face.

“Oh shit, not the gentleman’s card. You gotta wine and dine the broad before you get any play? Good luck with that one, bro. Get that wicked smile off your face and let Carli go. Don’t string her along like that. She’s a good chick,” he said, walking towards the fridge. He brought back two Corona’s Extra’s and turned the TV to ESPN. John handed me a Corona; I popped the top with my side teeth and guzzled the cold liquid. I was in my own little world as I drank my brew. The sportscaster talked about some bullshit I wasn’t interested in listening to, and John was rambling about his latest quest with some freak he met at a grocery store. I didn’t know what he thought about fucking around with them skank-ass females. They would do anything a nigga told them to do just to get up in life.

Sitting there wasn’t doing me any justice, so I told him, “Aye bro, I’m about to hit the streets for a lil while, you down or not?”

“Nah, I got some business I need to take care of. I will fuck witcha when I’m done,” he responded cheerfully while he texted. He was very happy, so I assumed that he was texting one of them geechie ass hoes he’s fucking around with.

I laughed and said, “Bet.” I stood up and extended my hand out to him. We did our handshake, but I noticed how weird he acted upon doing it. I wondered what he had up his sleeves while walking to the door. Ain’t no damn telling what this guy got going on, I thought, as I closed the door behind me.

Once I made it to the car, I realized that John was right; I needed to stop stringing Carli along and let her go. However, I wasn’t so sure I wanted to let her go. While I drove around the city, I decided to go by Carli’s house and talk to her. I was a firm believer in not popping up at someone’s home, so I called beforehand.

“Hello,” she spoke in the phone excitedly.

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