Passionate Betrayals

By: TN Jones

“Hey. Is it okay if I stop by?” I asked nervously.

“Sure. Is everything okay, Domic?” she asked in a concerned tone.

“Kind of,” I stated.

“Well, come over so you can vent. I will have the door unlocked for you,” she replied.

“Aight,” I said, before I hung up the phone.

Within fifteen minutes, I pulled up in front of her apartment complex and parked my car. I’d been there a million times and that time I felt out of place. I knew I came there to either sleep with her or let her go. I had to make sure I knew what I was doing, before I hurt the wrong woman. I got out the car and headed to apartment D 36. As I walked upstairs, it felt like weights were on my feet. It was hard for me to walk to her apartment, but I finally made it, turned the doorknob, and walked in.

“Hey Mr.” Carli said, as she smiled from ear to ear. She had the kitchen smelling good. She could cook her ass off; every meal she made was homemade. On the stove, I saw she’d cooked smothered baked chicken, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, and dinner rolls.

“What’s up, woman? You got it smelling good in here,” I exclaimed. I had to break the tension that I knew my body language presented to her.

“What’s wrong with you, Domic? I can tell by your body language that something is wrong. Have a seat on the couch and we can talk,” she demanded. I nodded my head and went to the couch; I let out a loud sigh. She brought me a glass of sweet tea with a lemon. She looked at me and rubbed my hand. Carli always knew when something wasn’t right with me; she has always been my rock for quite some time.

“Carli, I must be honest with you. I have met someone and I am interested in her. I don’t want to lose you as a friend, but I can’t continue to sleep with you,” I said to the floor, rather than to her. I couldn’t look her in the face as I revealed what was on my mind. I knew it hurt, but what she said next, I didn’t expect.

“Domic, it seems that you have your mind made up. I thank you for telling me and not toying with my emotions. You can go to the back and collect everything that belongs to you. I hope that everything works out with you, and the woman you’re interested in, but when shit goes to the left, please and I mean please, don’t come back this way,” she responded plainly.

She stood up and walked onto the balcony, closed the balcony door and sat down on her lounge chair. I sat on the couch for a couple of minutes, before I walked to her room to retrieve my belongings. Once I gathered all my belongings and headed to the front door, I decided that I should tell her goodbye. As I stopped in front of her brown leather two-seater sofa and thought long and hard about the decision I had made, she noticed me staring at her. She shook her head and said, “Don’t tell me goodbye. Just leave.” The message was muffled, but I understood exactly what she said. I didn’t know what hurt me the most; not telling her goodbye, or the fact that I made a decision to leave. I did what she asked of me, and it hurt like hell.

I chose Janice Thurgood, and I have been confused ever since I made that decision.


Me: Can I see you tonight?

Lil Head Giver: No Domic, you can’t see me tonight, because you and your fish into it.

Me: You know you love it when I’m around you. Stop playing, my lil best head giver, you know you want some of me. I’ll bring your favorite bottle...please let me come over. I need to relieve some stress.

Lil Head Giver: Do she know you like…I’m laughing off that comment I was going to say...Nawl, Im good.

Me: Bitch, don’t you play with me. I will fuck your world up.

Lil Head Giver: Not as much as I can fuck up yours. Nice talking to you, Domic.

That lil mutherfucker gonna make me fuck her up. I can’t deal with her slick ass mouth. I had to check the last pussy that decided to say some flawed shit about me.

I wanted some head, but the best dick sucker in town was playing games with me, and I didn’t like that shit one bit. As I turned on my Xbox 360, my personal cellphone started ringing. I hopped on it because I knew that was my lil head giver, calling me back to tell me to come over. When I picked up my phone, I didn’t recognize the number but I answered anyways.

“Yeah,” I said boldly.

“I’m coming for you with open arms…Joe,” the cold voice said.

“You got the wrong number,” I said nonchalantly.

“I got the right number, my friend. I bet your beautiful girlfriend doesn’t know who you really are,” the cold voice chuckled.

“Who the fuck are you?” I spat in the phone, but low enough that Janice couldn’t hear me.

“I’m your worst fucking nightmare!” the cold voice yelled in the phone, before hanging up.

I called the number back repeatedly, only to listen to a recording saying that the voicemail to the phone wasn’t setup. I instantly became pissed, because I wanted to know who in the fuck was calling my phone with some shit. I grabbed my work phone and checked it to make sure that no one texted or called it; to my surprise, no activity had taken place on my phone. Within moments of me placing my work phone back on the entertainment center, my laptop dinged, indicating I had a message. I walked over to my laptop, clicked on my Gmail account, and opened the message. As I looked at the thirty-six photos, I became weak at the knees. I read the messages and became instantly upset. You’re a pussy pie punk. You think you are living in an untouchable world? I am going to have fun destroying YOU, NICOLETTE, AND JANICE. I BET JANICE DOESN’T KNOW ANY OF THIS, NOW DOES SHE?

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